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NEW-AGRI – New European Ways of Agriculture

The cross compliance specified in the Common Agricultural Policy and the entrance of ten new members causes the need to modify the training of operators in the food/agricultural field. European farmers must gain knowledge, skills and competence in many new areas. The project aims at finalising a training model at a European level which will create trainers who are expert in innovative procedures in agriculture. To bring the standards of the food and arable produce up to the levels envisaged by the new European policy, the mediators should receive an integrated training which includes transverse skills (e.g. ICT use for ODL, new methods, etc.) and skills which are relative to the organisation of processes and the norms which are relative to the different new thematic areas. Specific objective of the project is the development of a study concerning the state of implementation of the European standards in environmental care, food safety, etc. Target groups are teachers and trainers in schools and training institutions, technical staff in agriculture and forestry, technicians in environmental safety, and staff operating in the food sector. Main activities will be the analysis of the training needs for the promotion of new European strategies in agriculture, the production of final products, their evaluation, and the formalization of the agreement between the partners concerning the products utilization, recognition and certification of training credits. The main final result will be a training course in CDRom and internet form, as well as printed manual in all the languages of the countries involved and also in English. All other materials and manuals will be available on internet, CDRom and print. The valorisation strategy includes the networks of the partners, a website disseminating the activities and results of the project, mailing lists, newsletters, press releases, etc. The two university partners will be active for the accreditation and certification of the training credits. The planned impact consists in short term in the availability of innovative training courses for the new themes for the target groups, in the long term in certified training courses which offer innovative materials and products. Thus improving the VET in the sector.
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