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Nevşehir'den Hollanda'ya Güvenli Geçiş: Elektrik-Elektronik Alanı Öğrencilerinin Güvenli Geçiş Kontrol Sistemleri Kurulumu Stajı
Start date: 01 Sep 2016, End date: 31 Aug 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The emerging developments in the technology market has raised the importance of security. At the same time, controlling personnells becomes a fundamental necessity for companies. Access Control and Security Systems controls both the time of entrance - exit and working hours of personells. Furthermore, it controls and saves passing interdepartmental and checks entring of non-personal people as well. As a consequence, that kind of systems have become indispensable to human resources department of companies. Access Control and Security Systems include electric- electronic systems. Fort hat reason, the personnel who will make its installation has to have craft knowledge. Otherwise, the setop erros which will be encountered will pave the way for financial damage and loss of time. Our school, Nevşehir Technical and Industrial Vocational High School keeps up with developing technology, follows the latest developments and have a big role in the country development. Lessons which are taught in our school includes moduls within the schope of MEGEP and those moduls have still have missings. Besides, hard infrasture and technological devices are inadequate and our students who study in the electric- electronik department, can not study on Access Control and Security Systems and its installation which is title of our project. On the other hand, all most all business where our students of elecetric-electronic department do their apprenticeship are kind of small business and technologically inadequate for practicing of such Project as “Access Control and Security Systems . “ All of this negativeness cause our students to graduate without getting craft knowledge which will enhance their employment opportunities. We have gotten into partnership with some association specialist in their field from Holland on our project. 36 students studying electric- electronic from our school will undergo training/do their apprenticeship in Holland, in apprenticeship area where will be provided by our partners. There will be four groups and each will consists of 9 students + 1 escort. The first two groups will have their apprenticesship between 19 March-2 April and other two groups will do their apprenticeship between 9 April- 23 April. While carrying our project, we will all collaborate and place task sharing. In this direction, we will form a executive team from our volunteer teachers and members. By sharing tasks among executive team and others who have a share on the project, the all group will do their best to carry of a good quality project. The expected impact and result of our project is to improve participant’s language ability, to increase their self confidence and learning motivation. Showing tolerance to the different cultures and being aware of European Citizenship are among the targets of the project. Inaditionly, importance of linguistic diversity and cross- cultural interaction are aimed in the project as well. Another purpose of our project is to raise the target group’s awareness of european union projects. We as project group also aim at increasing the education quality of our school. Our project aims at providing occupational skill training about “Access Control and Security Systems” to the participants in compliance with european standards. It is also one of our main aims to increase the employment opportunities by providing them that training course. Long term impacts expected from our project are that we will integrate Europe’s innovator implementation to our school. In this way, the quality of education will be increased and students who will graduate will be better at their field. It is also aimed to consociate long term partnership with contemporary and innovative foundation in the Europe.
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