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Start date: 01 Aug 2016, End date: 31 Jul 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

KultúrÁsz Public Benefit Association is a civil organisation specialised in adult training, with a prominent role in the North Hungarian region. The association specialises in the further professional education and training of professionals in the fields of education and culture as well as in the education and training of career starters and young people looking for a job. We have 10 years’ professional experience in adult training, culture, proposal writing and project management. The Association’s strategic goals include enhancing its current international relations network in the public, civil and corporate sectors. The experiences gained at the study tours will be applied in informing lectures, labor market reintegration programs and in the dissemination of elderly people’s volunteering programs. In addition we can help the professional’s work in the field of gerontagogy by giving them our methodological experiences of teaching senior people. Every year there is an average of 35-40 adult tutors joining our adult trainings. Our strategic goals also include methodological and foreign language skills development for our tutors. The current tender is meant to serve the attainment of all these strategic organisational goals. Within the framework of the tender we plan to implement three 5-day professional study tours for our Association’s adult tutors, with 6 tutors participating in each tour respectively. All participants are to have a higher education degree and several years’ professional experience in adult training. The host countries and organisations are to be selected based on the gerontagogy activities and references of the organisations. The project is to be implemented between 01-08- 2016 and 31-07-2017, with the following planned schedule:1. Aug/Sept, 2016, Ireland (host partner organisation: School of Education, University College Dublin)2. Apr/May, 2017, Norway (host partner organisation: Norwegian University of Science and Technology)3. Juni/July, 2017, Slovakia (host partner organisation: Dubnica Institute of Technology in Dbnica nad Váhom)Within the framework of the study tours participants are to learn about the major characteristics of education and adult training in the country concerned (e.g. institutional system, support for adult training, types of training, legal environment, etc.), the adult training activities of the host organisation, the possibilities of elderly people’s learning and educating activities as well as the adaptable good practices. The priority objectives of the professional study tours are to get to know about the possibilities of senior people learning and educating activities as well as the opportunities for exchanging good practices. The study tours are to furthermore cover familiarisation with the culture of the host countries (architecture, traditions, environmental values, quality of life), thereby fostering knowledge about and experience of cultural diversity.Through the activity of job shadowing, tender objectives are:- International networking; initiating cooperation with adult training institutions in Ireland, Norway and Slovakia;- Establishing an innovative and state-of-the-art adult training institution using the experience of the study tours;- get to know the possibilities of the elderly people’s learning and education in the country of the partner institution through the results of researches and good practices.- mutually adapting the acquired knowledge in the applicant organization and partner institution in order to assist the aging society.- Developing our colleagues’ foreign language skills and intercultural awareness.As results of the one-year project, the range of our international cooperating partners is to broaden and, through the experience, the quality and efficiency of our professional activity in adult training is to further improve. Furthermore, the commitment, professional ambitions and motivations of our adult tutors are to be enhanced. The experience and achievements gained at the study tours are to be disseminated to a broad target group (our tutors, education experts, our adult students, domestic partners, professional organisations) by way of professional reports. The communication of the project results is to be ensured within the framework of workshop discussions, websites, publications, educational conferences and printed publications.
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