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Never Discrimination strike the same place twice
Start date: 01 Aug 2012,

Center E8 proposes to host a training entitled “Never let discrimination strike in the same place twice” for 50 young people from Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Netherlands and Portugal from 21st - 27th October 2012 in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. The main goal of this project is to open a space for debate, learning and exchange of experiences on discrimination and gender based violence amongst youth since this subject is still addressed so passively in many societies. This Training seeks to develop the knowledge and skills of the participants to understand the theme of discrimination and gender violence at the same time developing the communication skills of participants in solving risk situations through verbal and non verbal communication. Participants will learn how to address these problems and to create impact and motivation in young populations. Also, they will learn how to involve them in an assertive, efficient and effective way. With skills in communication and the expressive arts workshops as tools, participants will have at its disposal a range of new capabilities to implement their projects and to involve youth in fight against discrimination and gender based violence. We will hold several workshops related to verbal and non-verbal communication and expression of feelings through various performing arts. All the subjects and art performances should be gathered together in the end and guidelines and a movie should be created to show the evolution and the results of this training. In addition, participants will have the chance to meet other cultures, to exchange experiences, creating, this way an enlarged network of contacts that can develop synergies and cooperation between organizations with the aim to integrate the learned intercultural perspectives in their work.
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