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Neue Ressourcen für den Unterricht gewinnen
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The reason why I am applying for the seminary “Providing resources for school lessons” in Piran, Slovenia with following topics- resources based lessons - luckiness as a school subject - self-management for teachers and trainers in adult education - group-dynamic in the lessons - systemic - brain gym - fairy tales and metaphors and the application in lessons - open space (providing space for exchange about different school systems and teaching methods) - networking: possibilities to gain knowledge about different countries and establishing school partnerships - intercultural evening was to gain new ideas, strategies and inspiration for my colleagues at school. Moreover these topics in specific interfere exactly with the main focus of our SQA-Project. Due to the project duration I or my colleagues would like to participate in even more EU-Seminaries or lesson observation projects in other countries. My expectation towards the seminary, besides gaining new ideas for my own lessons, is getting to know new concepts how to treat students, colleagues and parents. I hope to also experience a big variety of practical examples, which I can apply in the lessons and the transmission of study related psychological concepts, which I would also require for my daily work. Getting to know other European school systems and the intercultural exchange with other teachers would surely enrich my general knowledge and motivate me even more for initiating school partnerships. I also want to create a more positive study atmosphere and raise the motivation of the students. Thus can be reached by applying lessons according to the different study types, new study strategies, stress reduced lessons as well as individual treatment of all students. As mentioned before the focus at our school is “social learning” and we are following the SQA-Plan since September 2013. Conferences and various other trainings were organized and evaluations were hold. Besides creating new study materials, specified books were bought as well to provide enough information and working materials for all colleagues. The evaluation materials and questionnaires provided the sustainability of the entire project. The feedback was very positive and a general result can be observed within the students and teachers that could decrease their stress level significant. The discovery that the state of the teacher is very much connected with the emotional state of the students was a very important result we learned for the project. I expect the seminary to increase my vitality for my job, the required happiness and joy as well as to push my self-esteem. The practical examples in the seminary should be according to the latest research in neurology following the discoveries of Spitzer, Hüther and many more. The practical input will be transferred to my colleagues and I would like to establish new school partnerships with other European schools.
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