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The consortium members are important actors in Global Education in their countries.Global Education is seen as the pedagogical concept which enables people tounderstand today’s global interdependencies as well as the opportunities,responsibilities and threats, which globalization brings into focus.We understand Global Education Resource Centres (GERC) as “centres ofcompetencies”, where information and know-how about global issues is offered andwhere room for sharing of experiences and practice is given.The outputs of the project will be that a network of GERC in the partner countries is builtup. The process for the new establishment of the Resource Centres in Slovakia,Hungary and Slovenia is strongly supported by long-lasting Austrian experience in thefield. These “centres for competencies” are well equipped with the relevant know-how,services and materials. Moreover, Global Education multipliers (institutions of adulteducation, NPOs, NROs, teachers) will be trained on a national and international level,and a Workshop concept and appropriate material will be developed.There will be a significant impact on the strategic level: in all the partner countriesGlobal Education is seen as a relevant educational concept in formal and non-formaleducation. In Austria the development of a Global Education Strategy is in process, inSlovakia a similar development is being discussed. In Hungary, a Global Educationworking group has been established within the NDGO-platform and a similardevelopment is under discussion in Slovenia. On a strategic level, GERC will stronglysupport these processes.Impact on the level of practitioners and multipliers: the GERC will offer valuable supportand materials for practitioners in all kinds of education. Moreover, the resource centresare pro-active, offering their services to very different target groups, e.g. peoplegenerally interested in global issues, “critical consumers”, teachers and students, peopletraveling in so-called developing countries, Civil Society organizations etc.

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