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Network for the transfer of advanced technologies of superficial treatment based on plasma, among the industries of the Atlantic Region (PLASMANET)
Start date: Dec 31, 2000, End date: Dec 30, 2004 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The PLASMANET project aims to create a network of technological centres with complementary equipment and expertise to develop a vast technological transfer programme targeting the industries of the Atlantic Area. This is a long-term project aiming to encourage the use of advanced surface-treatment processes based on plasma technology, such as plasma ion nitriding, ion implantation or physical vapour deposition (PVD). These techniques are used to treat metal components or tools to make them harder and more resistant to wear and corrosion, as well as improving their behaviour when subjected to friction, and other functional properties. The aim of the project is to develop a technology which, until now, has been developed only along the central axis of Europe in the Atlantic Area (decentralisation). The technological programme will operate by horizontal (between partners) and vertical (to the companies of the regions in question) transfer. The project aims to achieve better exploitation of the technological resources that exist in the regions and greater interaction between companies and centres that might serve as a guide for the future evolution of technological centres and enable the extension of the potential of plasma-based treatments to new sectors. Achievements: ✔ Constitution of networks which have served as a bridge to open new opportunities for collaboration focussed mainly on the exchange of technical knowledge between the participating centres. ✔ Provision of equipment to help exchanges between research personnel and a study into the technological situation of the regions involved. ✔ Implementation of 10 new advanced surface treatment processes. These include: ultra-hard surface covering, decorative surfaces using non-polluting processes, anti-friction surfacing and surface hardening treatments. ✔ Among the actions for dissemination and technology transfer of the project, the results have been published at international level (international journals and conferences, over 15 actions) and the publication of technology bulletins (2 already published and a third in preparation) distributed to companies and educational centres, demonstrations of the procedures to companies (more than 15) and visits to companies and centres to promote the technology (more than 30).

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