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Network for the promotion of the internal market in European regions through consumer topics (Nepim)
Start date: Jun 30, 2005, End date: Dec 30, 2007 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project seeks to increase the efficacy of solutions adopted by organisations and regional authorities in response to consumer issues, thus improving the response to the needs of consumers when dealing with their problems and disputes. NEPIM also aims to encourage more regions to develop a consumer policy as part of their regional development strategy. Achievements: Achievements so far The creation of a partnership between 11 European regions active in the field of consumption within the framework of sustainable regional development has been greeted with enthusiasm by the authorities of the German Speaking Community of Belgium. During the workshop in Eupen, a certain number of good practices could be crystallized. They concern energy and transport. One of the outstanding ideas in the area of transport is to promote the development of an alternative dispute resolution system in order to improve the quality of public transport significantly, making it thereby more attractive to a large public. The development of biomass as a sustainable means of energy production should also be particularly encouraged in the rural areas of our regions. The second meeting took place in Barcelona in May 2006 and dealt with 'Regional products' and 'sustainable tourism'. As for 'regional products', most experts agreed that coordination of different producers and exploitation centers are a big challenge for the sale of regional products. was further stated that production still exceeds demand in rural areas. That is why producers have to develop new markets. F 'Only at the local level can we do something against the negative aspects of globalization', so says Empar Molleda from the Catalonian consumer organization. The subject of 'sustainable tourism' revealed itself to be a real store of diversity. The 3rd conference in December 2006 by Saarbrücken, dealt with the topic 'Efficient energy supply for private households and the importance of the use of renewable energy in the supply engineering'. During the conference, it has been demonstrated through numerous regional examples that it is quite possible to reduce the consumption of European households considerably. 20 to 30% of the energy used by European households could be saved through adequate measures. So Europeans have to learn to save energy. By saving energy, each consumer can contribute to solve problems linked to climate modification.In May, the Tuscany Region organized a conference about 'alternative resolution of tourism disputes' and a meeting about 'the alternative resolution of consumer disputes at regional level'.The participants were very impressed by the project 'Concilia on-line'. It is a fast and economic Internet service to solve disputes between consumers and firms. Every phase of the proceedings takes place on-line: from request to final agreement. In the middle of the process stays the mediator, who is linked with the parties through a chat room.In December, Upper Austria organized a conference about 'Product Labelling for sustainable Consumption.' The Consumer Minister of Tuscany Region Mr. Baronti participated actively in the debates. After the end of the project, the NEPIM network will continue to work and will be officially constituted on May 8 in Barcelona.

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