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Network for the exchange of information about good practices that serve to motivate language learners

The MOLAN Network focuses on motivation to language learning and brings together anumber of partners representing different sectors, such as schools and higher educationinstitutions. The Network activities will progress in three stages. In the first stage, theproject will look into successful institutional policies and practices across Europe andenhance exchange and dissemination of such practices with a view to increase learnermotivation. The project partners will prepare, collect and analyse case studies andidentify success factors. In stage two, the insights gained will be made available toinstitutions and authorities across Europe in two ways: through a handbook on how tomotivate young people to learn languages and through a Web-based system fortargeted information retrieval. Moreover, the partner institutions will assess and furtherdevelop their own policies and practices in the light of network findings. In stage three,partners will prepare impact reports, assessing the effectiveness of the network and ofstrategies recommended by the network; in addition, a statement on recommendedinstitutional policies and practices will be presented for discussion at a major Europeandissemination conference; in the wake of the conference, a formal declaration will bereleased in all the official languages and sent to authorities, organisations andinstitutions at all levels. A number of network partners and groups of partners willestablish themselves as national / regional relay points, offering advice to interestedparties in their environments and co-operating at European level.

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