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Network for excellence in tourism through organizations and universities in Russia.
Start date: Oct 15, 2012,

The purpose of NETOUR is to work with Russian universities and businesses to help improve (1) university products (curricula & student expertise) and (2) tourism organizations' efficiency through a qualified workforce, in order to develop and sustain the tourism sector in Russia. Both industry and universities will work together to respond to the growing needs of the Russian tourism sector. To fulfil these main objectives a situation analysis of tourism in Russia will be conducted with two aims:-To perform an analysis of the tourism sector in the areas of influence of the Russian university partners (current demand and supply, main competitors at destination level) in order to identify the actual needs of the sector. -To review the tourism curricula currently delivered by Russian University partners in order to identify their level of matching with EU standards, and the 'fit' between sector needs (previously identified) and the curricula.After that, several strategies will be implemented to improve the present situation, to foster a positive change and to increase international cooperation between universities for the long term: To update knowledge course for tourism professionals (in the framework of lifelong learning); To create a mentoring programme for tourism management students (to improve school-business relations and to increase student skills and employability); To organize workshops with policy makers and other stakeholders (to enhance the cooperation between university and society); To organize an International Conference (to reinforce the network created between the universities in the consortium, NETOUR, and to open this network to other universities in and beyond Russia); To establish a Data Centre to continue the data collection process initiated by NETOUR to help universities respond to society's changing needs.All the project implementation and its results will be progressively reported at, a website created with this aim.

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