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Network creation and promotion of castles (NETCASTLE)

The overall project objective is the emergence and promotion of a common cultural product in the cross-border region to boost tourism industry with the use of new technologies and e-tourism. The use of new technologies is the driving force for the implementation of the project, to raise region appealing and tourism attraction, but also to effectively spread the respective region's history and culture. More specifically, the project aims to create a network for visibility, renovation and enhancement of cultural heritage of the historical castles of the targeted areas. The project is designed to provide the user with a multi cultural and educational experience with the use of suitably adapted innovative interactive experiential services. The project aspires to offer to the user a tour through time and space by utilizing 3D representations of historical monuments. The sub-objectives of the project include: - Promotion of a common character, - Bolster of cross-border cooperation and cross-border exchanges, as well as tourism increase in the region, - Tourism services upgrade and cultural tourism enhancement (e-tourism)

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