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Netradicinių ugdymo metodų kūrimas ir diegimas vystant skirtingų mokymosi lygių mokinių (migrantų, pabėgėlių) intelektualinius gebėjimus
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 30 Nov 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project “Creation and Implementation of Non-traditional Methods of Education Developing Intellectual Abilities of Students (Migrants/Refugees) of Different Learning Levels” is focused on school strategic objectives and priorities of 2016, one them is raising and development of general competences of students, also students who arrived from other countries and who have different learning levels, socio-cultural experience, as well as their integration into educational system of Lithuania and Europe.Project objectives: - to improve professional, general, common cultural competences of teachers working in the sphere of development of intellectual (thinking) abilities of students having different learning levels;- to improve teachers’ skills in developing new more advanced teaching methods to meet every individual need of each student, to solve the problem in the classroom arising out of different learning levels of the students having social, cultural and language differences, thus developing intellectual abilities of students and integrating refugee and migrant children into Lithuanian and European educational system;- to introduce in our institution creativity and thinking skills development of students as an intellectual skills development system in the course of educational process;- to develop educational learning material, to integrate innovation into educational plans and learning process;- to develop internationality and international partnerships on the subject of the project.Students of 14 nationalities attend our Kauno A.Puškino Gymnasium. Our institution is multipurpose, migrants from various countries having different learning levels, language and national peculiarities arrive at our school. This is why we work out educational learning material, teaching methods, improve our professional competence at qualification seminars, seek out relevant educational innovation. All this allow us to integrate our students into Lithuanian educational system. This project – one of the methods, which will help to educate students (migrants/refugees) of different educational systems and standards and will introduce intellectual skills development of students into educational process. Through 1,5 years of project activities following project events will be organized:1) European mobility – participation in short-term training courses for teachers (level 1 and level 2).2) Synthesis of knowledge learned through the courses and practical material created during the courses to be applied in the classroom, as well as its analysis combining and taking into consideration our existing experience and current situation. Primary preparation of educational learning material and its spread in our institution.3) Two integrated open lessons for 8-10 formers.4) Tutorial lesson-discussion “To define, recognize and raise a primary issue». Arrangement of online discussions with training course participants from other countries on the issue of primary application of new methods.5) Research “How non-traditional (innovative) methods of education help in the work with the students of various learning levels“.6) International online conference with teachers. Submission of recommendations and practical knowledge on the subject of the project. Intellectual products:- Preparation and issue of educational learning material “Application of non-traditional (innovative) methods of education in the classroom working with the students of various learning levels. Theory and practice” ;- Presentation to the teachers of the intellectual technology „Intelektas“ – basics of its theoretical and practical use and harmonious integration of technology‘s implementing measures into the core curriculum of educational process and non-formal activities. Four (4) teachers of our institution are going to participate in the activities upon the program of European mobility. The teachers were recommended for participation by the Gymnasium Selection Commission according to the eligibility criteria.Intellectual products/achievements of the project - educational learning material, packages of practical learning activities, intellectual technology "Intelektas", best practice publications with examples of integrated tasks and activities and the entire material of the project will be available for all teachers who desire to get the development of students' intellectual abilities involved into an educational process for the purpose of better subjects mastering. Succession of this project will be ensured by the involvement of our institution and national communities and presentation of project results on a worldwide basis. The implemented project will promote other teachers to take interest in the subject of the project. Collected material, acquired knowledge and experience will allow the teachers to successfully continue project work skills and newly participate in programs, seminars on the issues of children's rights implemented by the EU
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