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Net is the key
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The title of the partnership “Net is the key” explains in a nutshell the aim of this project : the focus will be on the use of ICT tools and Internet to develop key competences skills in pupils (communicating; being creative; working with others; managing information and critical thinking ;understanding safety, security and well-being when using ICT, developing “digital citizenship”) and to improve teachers' attitude and approach towards ICT tools and use of Internet for teaching and for professional development . Through this project we want to make use of innovative and challenging pedagogical approaches such as Blended learning , a mix of technology and traditional face-to-face instruction, and flipped learning in order to extend learning outside the classroom . Wikispaces, blogs and websites will be used in order to make learning more engaging and attractive for all the pupils in schools. Teachers will plan ICT-enhanced lessons that can be used in any subject context through the selection of appropriate ICT for lesson preparation, teaching- learning -assessment activities and will share them with partners. Communication through the use of new media will be enhanced either for staff involved and children with their parents (Wikispace; Blogs newsletter ; videoconferences; Twitter-Facebook -Skype- Google Drive-Youtube ) . Eight schools from different parts of Europe will be involved: Italy(2) , Bulgaria , Romania, Turkey, UK (Northern Ireland) , Poland., Greece. Most of the key persons have good experience, competences and skills on the subject. Aim of this project will be also to promote equity and inclusion facilitating the access to learning to those from disadvantage backgrounds and fewer opportunities. A strong focus will be on collaborative, cooperative and peer learning in order to involve all pupils, even those with special needs, in the process of learning. We will make use of OER (Open educational resources) to improve the quality of education, knowledge sharing and capacity building. Of course, when using the Net we have to take in consideration e-safety and the so called “Netiquette"; pupils, parents and teachers should raise their awareness and be educated on this subject to avoid misuse or cyberbullying. All partners will take part in Safer Internet day organizing special activities in each school ( ) and surfing on special websites on the subject ( ). Through this project we expect to develop teachers competences in how to integrate ICT into teaching practice in a collaborative and sustainable way and to help students to avoid abuses on the Internet or improper use of the net giving them the right tools to navigate in a safe, proper and healthy way. In this way we hope they could be lifelong learners and understand the great potential of the Net as a means to realize this goal.
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