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Nenagh Community Network NCN
Start date: Jun 26, 2008,

In 2007 NCN hosted a group of young people from Chenove in France. The project aimed to explore the similiarities and differences in culture among both nationalities while also examining what being European meant to them. It became clear that more indepth exploration of their sense of Europeaness needed to be worked on and the young people in their evaluation of the project requested another exchange. Having discussed in detail with our French partners how to further develop the project we decided to engage with a third country which is seeking membership of the European Union. Our French partners were able to make contact with a group from Turkey who share the same vision and interests as the French and Irish group. The three groups will work separately to define their vision of European citizenship, explore the benefits of being European which they will present to each other during workshops in France. Permission has been sought from Chenove Council to promote the project visually by planting a floral display at one of the roundabouts which will represent their vision of Europe.
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