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Neden İngilizce Öğretemiyoruz?
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In our country there is a big foreign language teaching problem. Although our students have been learning at least one foreign language thoroughout their education life, they cannot express themselves into those languages simply after their graduation. English teachers at our institution would like to deal with this problem andprepared this project. With the application of the project we aimed to help our participants to increase their professional knowledge, skills and competence and cope with the language teaching problem of our school. We also aimed that our students would learn the language like their European peers. By the help of this project our participant teachers would take some course in a European country where English is not spoken as the native language and inquire how the country manages to teach that language as a foreign language. Our participants had done all the preparations (Passport, accomodation reservation, flight tickets, the mobility country information and etc.) and went to Spain without facing any problem to participant a seven day course. After the mobility our participants had these skills below: -Spanish culture, -Language skills, -Preparing lesson plan, -Creative language learning activities, -Literature and defining, -Effective pronunciation, - Information technology sources, - What they learn in their cultural visits, - Dissemination strategies, Besides professional competence, this mobility has provided many advantages for our participants. For example; our participant teachers had a first abroad travel experience as ELT teachers, had some chance to use the language they teach outside their country, met the foreign teachers from different European countries, shared their experiences, started new projects. They had a chance to see how English is taught as a foreign language apart from Turkey. Having returned to the country with the professional and personel competences, our participants started to apply the activities as planned before. With the activities applied there emerged new ideas for our teachers who reinforced their professional knowledge. Our participants had lessons and activities like their European colleagues do. They studied these activities with the sample groups they had created. The course they had attended during the mobility had great effect on our teacher professional development. Our teachers who keep in touch with the European colleagues of theirs they met at the course maintained to exhange ideas thoroughout the project. Our project was the first European Union project at our instituion. It helped to raise our instution's prestige and quality. The participant teachers are mow much more qualified. The teachers had a chance to teach their students at European standarts. Our pupils had a chance to speak with the peers outside their country for the first time with this project. The project provided our institutions lots of opportunities. Our institution looked for an answer the question 'Why cannot we teach English?' Our pupils were familiar with English as they had never been before. They used the language more with the sample lessons and activities. The happiness our pupils had at the end showed us that we managed to find the answer for the question above. Furthermore, Our project stimulated the neighbor schools to apply such kind of projects. That was a good evidence for that our project had worked.
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