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Nearby, yet far away

In the focus of the multilateral school partnership NEARBY, YET FAR AWAY (NYFA) stood youth in the participant countries. To get to know better each other, the students worked on four aspects:1) The education, 2) the transition from home to life, 3) everyday and 4) the future of the youth. These four aspects were the subthemes of the first four conferences: In Löningen, Germany, the students studied and compared mainly the institutions of education. In Huizen, the Netherlands, the participants compared in multilateral workgroups how the steps from one level to another are introduced and accompanied in the different countries. In Miskolc, Hungary, the participants interviewed Hungarian young people in the street of the city and compared the results with their own experiences. In Alatri, Italy, the students compared the different ways of the young people after the school, and found out a lot of differences from north to south. In Calafell, Spain, the young Europeans worked out a play, (video document) representing the results of the four previous conferences. The Latvian partners from Koknese, who didn’t get any grant from the Union, attended the first two meetings in Löningen and Huizen. They sent their contribution by Youtube. Beside the common work in multilateral groups the students took part in the family life of their partners and recognised important differences. In the supporting programme the future Europeans could live to see each other in other spheres, such as skating in Germany or swimming in Hungary. For all the participants the view of a common Europe has been widened.
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