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Near and far away. Let us protect Baltic Sea together

The project aims at increasing attractiveness of the region with a view to enhance competitiveness by creating conditions for sustainable development of the seaside region on either side of the border.The direct goal is to protect and improve the quality of cross border area environment and to set conditions for sustainable development of the region through protection and improvement of Baltic coastal waters cleanness - an important factor influencing living standard, tourism growth, recreation and entrepreneurship of the region inhabitants, and thus its further socio-economic development. The project consists of 3 components. One of them (C.2) involve organization of a study visit aiming at experience exchange in the environment protection management between municipalitis of Sopot and Svietlogorsk. Within the investment project (C.1) a storage reservoir Rej´s Pondâ in Sopot, will be modernized. The pond makes a part of the system collecting rainwaters and draining them off to the Baltic coastal zone. Modernization has on purpose to clear the reservoir and its surrounding, reconstruct the escape lock that will enable flow regulation and install clearing devices on the reservoir´s inflows. Modernized reservoir will have the capacity of 1316m3. The measure is a subsequent step in the Programme of Water System Arrangement in Sopot” started in 1996.

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  • 2000 - 2006 Lithuania - Poland - Russia (LT-PL-RU)
  • Project on KEEP Platform
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