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Názov: It´s time to move on
Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: Dec 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In the beautiful and historic town of Stara Bystrica will meet together young people from Romania, Latvia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia. PROJECT: "It's time to move on," we want to wake young people up from passivity and motivate them to active participation in the life around them, to active participation and international activities, use of their skills, knowledge, and to enhance them by new competences, so that they have experienced by themselves what they can do with their ideas, their active participation. We will achieve the project objectives through experiential activities, practical examples, real situations through which young people will acquire and expand their skills and competencies and on the other hand practically implement them through their own activities and projects and they will disseminate acquired competences and skills in schools and organizations. Dissemination of results, project outcomes will be ensured through ambassadorial project which will be implemented by young people in their countries. Target groups are young people aged 14- 17 years (mostly with a lack of opportunities) Project objectives: To teach young people how to create projects, the project thinking and how to use these skills in practice. Stimulate creative and innovative skills of young people and motivate them to actively use these skills, and actively spend their free time Zoom and expand their knowledge and information of European institutions, their functioning, role, the possibilities how to participate at European level information on the presidency of the Council of Europe countries to be active at European level. Involve young people in participation in the European Year of Development and Cooperation Develop and improve their life skills Exchange of experience among participants and partner organizations. Promote teamwork in solving the problems raised, to be able to assess own skills and on the basis of this to distribute tasks in the team, to seek their work realisation according to their skills, listening, respecting and critically analyze other proposals in order to find the best solution to the problem Teach young people to prepare their own activities aimed at participation - youth conference, festival participation Motivate young people to express their opinions and bring them dialogue- structured to engage in a structured dialogue on how to create in their families, communities own structured dialogue Show young people a practical and realistic examples, enabling them to acquire personal experience how they can participate in practical activities and it may try during the youth exchange and used in the acquired skills.  Try to work in an international team, improve their language skills and also get to know other countries Establishment of a joint project platformy- ambassadorial project common to all partner countries that will work in their country (at school, in the community).
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