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Най- добрият замисъл, над който някога ще работиш си самият ти !
Start date: Aug 1, 2016, End date: Oct 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Ensuring good health is important for long-term development potential of the young man. Since the late 80s methodology UN health is included as one of the fundamental measures of human development index. The health of young people is increasingly seen not as a by-product of prosperity, but as something that is investment in future economic growth. The main risk factors for behavioral and health of young people in Europe in recent years, lack of exercise and lack of sports habits, unhealthy eating ways according to the different types, often this is due to lack of information or influence of risk factors priyatelite.Tezi They are long-term and lasting consequences at an early age. Immobilized lifestyle is widespread, particularly serious is the problem of low physical activity in young people. Physical activities within the curriculum in schools are inadequate for maintaining good health, which requires the implementation of additional physical activity during leisure time. Lack of sports combined with unhealthy eating with one of the most serious challenges to public health in the European region. Participants in the project will be 45 (42 boys and three heads), aged 15-20 years. Guided by program priorities and in view of the planned activities, we will fulfill these goals we bet in the implementation of the exchange:• To allow the exchange of experiences among the participating youths in various practice a healthy lifestyle;• Through the methods of non-formal education to acquire specific knowledge and skills on healthy eating, sport and prevention of various dependencies.• Promotion of healthy lifestyles as preventive method to overcome the negative social phenomena;• Formation of positive attitudes of young people to work in the field of sport, nutrition and natural way of life;• Encouraging civic activism of young people through information about the possibilities of European programs aimed at young people.• Promoting cooperation between youth and sports organizations to promote healthy lifestyles among young people• Get to know the other culture, through dialogue and exchange of cultural traditions of different ethnic groups. The results we want to achieve through this project are:• The acquisition of skills and competencies for a full, healthy and socially responsible lifestyle• Learning to safe behavior and avoidance of risky health practices.This project corresponds directly to the needs and interests of young people from small towns to leading a healthy life, to acquire new and different skills. As a result, this will increase the level of personal interest on the set of problems will reach idea of prevention of various types of addictions and antisocial povedenie.Chrez implementation of new forms of informal health education in youth centers, sports and youth organizations, including through a 'peer education', we are confident that we will achieve the common goal of this project: to help and support a healthy lifestyle among the younger generation.
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