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Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

SUMMARYThe following chapter entails a brief summary of 2016 Erasmus+ project entitled "NAVIGARE NECESSE EST” to be realized by the project team of Újpesti Károlyi István Általános Iskola és Gimnázium. Our institutional needs were derived from the force-field of the theoretical triangle of: a, the European educational policies,b, the objectives of newly reformed Hungarian education system, c, and the institutional pattern of our organization. We sketched the chain of OBJECTIVES-ACTIVITIES-EFFECTS-IMPACT, in harmony with the logical framework system, to gain a COHERENT MODEL for our project. The quintessence of the project: I., The 4 areas of institutional OBJECTIVES include1. Defining our position in the process of meeting the European educational standards by answering the following interrogatives:a, Where are we located in the process?b, Raising successful European citizens: What kind of vision/ organizational culture serves this purpose the most?c, To what extent are our vision and mission similar to those of European institution? 2. Creating professional cooperation among staff to improve learning strategies, learning success in the field of foreign language acquisition, by aiming ata, supporting individual learning strategies,b, providing teacher mentoring,c, ensuring equity,d, creating a playful, motivating learning environment,e, exploring and using new teaching methods, eg. drama pedagogy, versus books,f, enhancing the importance of the epochal mission of multicultural education.3., Finding the ways of creating equity in the learning environment by investigating the aspects of individual versus community learning in relation to equity.4., Exploring the new teacher roles and challenges in the dimension of school-society, by carefully examininga, the process of becoming an open institution, b, the ways the teacher-student-parent relationship defines and influences the learning process, c, the intersections of school values and social expectations in Hungary and Europe.II , The organizational needs can be reached by the following ACTIVITIES:1., Teacher Training7 members of the 14-member panel of foreign language teachers, 1-1 member of the panel of humanities and sciences were selected by consensus to attend teacher training courses taking place in England and Germany. Since the range of students affected include students from every grade, the entire organization is sure to benefit from the process. The course syllabi and the organizational needs interrelate. The selected courses are as follows:*Auffrischungskurs: Methoden und Sprache*Better English For Teachers*Drama in the Secondary Classroom and Theatre Studies*Expert Teaching*How to be a Teacher Trainer *More English for Teachers*Methodology and English Language for Primary TeacherThe mobilities take place in July and August, 2016.(Course descriptions, confirmation of applications and the course syllabi are attached as required.)2., Job-shadowing activityEvidently, a school visit at Glostrup Skole in Denmark will provide answers to our inquiries in the four fields of our needs. A 3-member delegation of our institution-comprising of school inspectors and advisors visist the 9-grade institution in the outskirts of the Danish capital in autumn, 2016. A series of preplanned class observation, job-shadowing activities, interviews and the data collecting with the use of questionnaires will be executed at the institution in which 720 students enjoy the support of 85 teachers. III. The IMPACT of the mobilities1. professional development , 2. improvement in adaptive, inclusive educational approach,3. successful individual learning strategies,4. new perspectives on teaching, 5. more effective teaching,6. new inspiration and enthusiasm for teaching, 7. greater knowledge of British, German and Danish Education Systems, 8. greater inter-cultural awareness.IV . The expected EFFECTS of the project on the institution are:1. devotion to acquiring an adaptive, inclusive school environment,2. ensuring equity in our classrooms, 3. better results in language acquisition, 4. the quality improvement of language teaching,5. successful individual and community learning,6. more extensive use of Europass CV and EurOpean certificates among our secondary department pupils,7., open-mindedness.The circle of organizational needs and the related activities are in harmony, they ensure the success of the project. By the wide range of dissemination the effects of the project are multiplied. The positive outcomes do not only affect the organization and the quality of the education of 867 students by our 72 devoted colleagues, but by the participation of our school inspectors and the planned publication in a national journal a wider audience counting thousands of the educational profession is to benefit.
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