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Start date: Oct 4, 2016, End date: Oct 3, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

High School of Economics and Tourism is vocational school that empowers students for domestic and international labor market, hence the need to develop new curricula for new professions in accordance with the economic plans at local, national, regional and global levels. The disadvantage of this program for economists as well as of the education system in Croatia is lack of practice. The problem that High School of Economics and Tourism in Karlovac as well as other schools of this profile face is realization of the professional part of the curriculum. A program that partner in MAD for Europe provides enables education through practical work. Occupation is taught directly in company through the work, apprenticeship, and finally the realization of education as a basis for practical vocational training. Spain is chosen because in this country non-profit organizations have been developed, promoting social, economic and environmental advancement, cooperatives as a form of keeping small businesses, relationship with local community organizations, awareness of volunteering in the community as well as Creative and Cultural Industries. The project “Learn. Do. Apply.” is directed to the students’ goals achievement: - By doing performance practice within ethical banking students will acquire new knowledge, skills and abilities in the area of personal finance, communication with customers and media, business plan development and social responsibility within marketing activities, communication with customers and research investors. - More successful recruitment both on the domestic and international labor market - Greater impact on entrepreneurship with a focus on social entrepreneurship that in the European Union has an important role - Better knowledge of foreign language - Awareness of the importance of volunteering in the community - Greater cross-cultural awareness Objectives for teachers: - More effective action for the benefit of the local community through social entrepreneurship, cooperatives, ethical banks, volunteering and cultural management - Increased qualifications of teaching staff - Better methods and practices for working with young people such as workshops and education on ethics and social entrepreneurship - To assist students in acquiring expertise with the aim of improving their personal development and more successful employment on the European labor market - Teachers will gain greater expertise and be able to make a curriculum for social entrepreneurship and personal finance - To increase the knowledge of foreign languages teaching staff - To make a curriculum for social entrepreneurship Objectives for school - To improve curriculum and education policy of School of Hotel and Tourism Management - Internationalization of school, constant cooperation with akin schools and European Institutions - Cooperation with other schools through eTwinning, student and staff exchange The project will engage 6 Economist students, accompanied by Biserka Marčinko, professor of economic subjects. Bojana Bajić, professor of English and German is reffered to professional development. Practice is arranged with the partner is in the period from November 5, 2016 to November 19, 2016 (two days are predicted for travel). The practice is provided in TRIODOD Ethical Banking and FUNDACION MAPFRE, Corporate Social Responsibility and education for teacher in YGB Art organization. In the ethical banks students will participate in the development of bank strategic planning and social media; social media, development of business plans, sustainability, social banking, bank rehabilitation and social safety. During our stay in Madrid, students will visit cultural and historical sites. Ultimately, this project developed with the partner MAD for Europe from Madrid that is connected to 200 organizations among which they will choose those who can provide the best education for students and teacher taking part in professional development. The project will be beneficial for students, who will be educated on personal finances to avoid debt bondage; they will be able to set up social enterprises in order to be hired, which would reduce a large number of unemployed at the local and regional level involved in international volunteering; it will lead to more successful recruitment both on the domestic and international labor market.

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