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Nature Rangers - We protect through knowledge the natural environment
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Nature Rangers - a project proposed under the frames of the Erasmus + program. The projects main objective is to achieve knowledge of the surrounding nature, to experiment life in nature, to make popular the way of living healthy through outdoor activities: motion, walks, outdoor games without age limit, and a healthy lifestyle. The project proposes to popularize good practice examples with help of all existing means. one of the most important project objectives is to let the new generations from kindergardens and schools get to know nature, and by knowing it to protect it. The project involves partners from european countries that have as a common element the mountain, but their climate is different (Turkey - mediterranean). The partners are about to build a common website to disseminate parralel and common activities that take place in every school unit and in the mobilities achieved together. The proposed activities in the Erasmus + Project entitled "Nature Rangers" are the following: creation of 1 km long walking routs named "Walking Rangers" in each location where the partners come from, with inscriptions and panels which promote the unity, the project and the movement; observation of fauna and flora in the surroundings by involving children, parents, grandparents and other people from the community; film material creation(amateur) during these activities to make popular the Erasmus + Project, unity and Nature Rangers type acts; creation of coloring books, prints with events illustrated by children for didactic activities, didactive games and photo albums of the held events; nature camps with camp fire and survival methods in nature organized by each partner to experiment and get to know the living conditions of the ancestors of our people; activities involving local community programs. The achieved activities of the project will be monitored with specific qualitative (interviews, stories-case studies, journals) and quantitative methods (surveys observation checklists, digital traffic counter) in order to reach a good evaluation of the project results. The project dissemination will be achieved with means/methods/strategies at hand (website, mass media, posters, banners, etc.) We expect the following project results: creation of a permanent walking path for children, parents, and even for ill people who are suggested to walk (the walked distance will be indicated in meters up to one kilometer, there will be a digital traffic counter that will monitor the number of participants). Our expectations from this project are the continuity of well defined actions and activities with measurable objectives for the communities and a healthy lifestyle. After the project completion we will sustain it with help of sponsors, NGOs and local public institutions (the Town Hall, School Inspectorate, etc.) The project's impact, with help of the "Nature Rangers" activities, will bring a local impact by the contribution of european and international partners. Project outputs: books, films, signs, websites. These will be achieve with the Erasmus + Project and distributed freely, not being considered intellectual products, and they will be republished and sustained with help of the project sponsors and beneficiaries.
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