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Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: Oct 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

NATURE, CULTURE AND CREATIVITY is a project in which 21 young people from the town of Manzanares (Ciudad Real), have welcomed other 21 young people from the town of Abovyan, Armenia, during 10 days, including trips, from 16 to 25 October 2015. All participants, both the host country as the visiting country, are young people between 16 and 20 years with fewer opportunities. Within the group there are young people with economic problems, social, family and educational difficulties. Many of them come from broken homes with various problems. The objectives of this youth exchange were: giving to this young people the opportunity to feel valued for their work, to express themselves, to feel useful and mantle, to publicize their skills, to make them see that they have much to offer, to motivate them with topics that are of interest to let them see that the education if it is a useful tool, since as of today, the majority of them are wary of this and recanting of the educational system in which they are living in, causing them to lose the motivation and the illusion to continue studying and being formed to achieve a better future. What was intended with this project, it was marked a before and after in the participants, both the host country and the country of the visitor, and this has been done. The leaders we have worked to involve themselves in such a way in the project, which caught the forces and enough as to become future leaders of other groups. Our objective was to train this young people in non-formal materials, that is, in acquiring social skills, language and behavior very useful and necessary for daily life, but that the majority of them do not have, due to their living conditions. All activities have been adequate to meet the objectives of the project. For this reason, efforts have been made that they themselves had suggested, what motivates them a lot more. Have been young people themselves who have taken the initiative during the entire process. From the point of view of the leaders, were in charge, not so much the correct development of the activity itself, but that will be carried out the roles proposed above, that is to say that the young people will make decisions, to accept their possible errors without violence or frustration, to accept criticism from their peers in a constructive way, that they were responsible each one of their activity, and that if something was wrong with it, were them who would have to fix it, that actively communicate with peers and that is take into account when working in groups and that will be respected and to carry out the execution of the project In an camaraderie atmosphere. This has had a very positive impact on the young participants, as it has been a unique experience to remember. Similarly, the project has had a direct impact on the participants´ families and on their colleagues or friends; and a direct or indirect impact on the inhabitants of the towns that we visited. There have been activities such as: workshops of skills and creativity, adventure sports in contact with nature, cultural activities for understanding the environment in which performance activity (Manzanares, Lagunas de Ruidera, Valenzuela, Brazatortas, Toledo and Madrid), big games, thematic gynkhanas and evening games that have involved a good organization and teamwork displayed by the participants, who were responsible to carry out the development of such activities. For this purpose have been divided the participants into groups. Each group had aparticular responsibility. Young people were responsible for certain activities that had to go ahead with the help of the leaders. From the month of August there were conducting meetings with the leaders and the participants, where were made the above-mentioned groups, and where the young planned all the proposed activities. For the evaluation of the project, assessment sessions were carried out the day completed, jointly between all participants, where made their views known on the developed day. It was commented what they had changed and how they had done it, if there had been any incident, was put in common and said how could have been solved or avoid the next time. After these sessions, the leaders of both groups we would gather to evaluate the behaviors of young people, as well as its involvement in the activities. They were points of improvement, which had to be changed and what had to be maintained. Were also covered logistical issues (schedules, materials, needs of young people, planning of activities for the next day, etc).
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