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Natural Sciences for Adult Learners

All Institutions in the partnership work with adult education. The idea of a project considering natural sciences seemed very good idea considering specifically four main areas in which we intent to act: Community; intergenerational relations; gender and ICT.Community because we want to open the doors of our work and make it available to the community living around us. Natural Sciences is the perfect aim for captivate new learners and explore realities around us and show them to the community. Natural Sciences is a "world" to explore to make all understant what surronds us.Intergenerational relations are a path to relate adult learners with children and young people and make profitable relations and atmospheres, considering the adults knowledge and life experience in opposite with children’s knowledge. We will use this to relate with ICT on which young people are "experts" and old people most of the time are curious.In the activities of the partners there are a highest number of learners women, meaning that men are not so available or motivated to participate in educational activities. Considering natural sciences we believe that it’s an area that allows both man and women to participate, but within we can see different subjects that are more specific for men and some for women. Agriculture can be more attractive to men and body functioning to women, for example. We can use ICT in the learning of natural science as an instrument of research, knowledge, developing subjects and work in groups or individual. The use of ICT in adult learners can also be considerate a very innovative way of doing experiments. Transnational activities can also be done using ICT resources, on WEB 2.0.
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