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National Forum as tool for improving LLL strategies
Start date: Mar 1, 2011,

In the Slovak Republic the Strategy of LLL and lifelong guidance (LLG) was accepted by the Government in April 2007. It presents proposals of system, objectives, financing of LLL and LLG, quality assurance and validation of non-formal and informal learning's results. Consequently, in December 2009 it was adopted the Act on LLL. After short period of implementation there is an strong need for the revisionof these documents, and involvement of the wider public into the discussion on their update. Many of the key players and stakeholders expressed their concerns and objections due to problems the Strategy caused in practice. there is a generally accepted need for establishment of the system of LLL and LLG, reflecting also EU policies in VET, esp. ECVET and EQARF.; The consortium of several Slovak institutions representing sectors of education and labour decided to establish national structures involving stakeholders interested in the following topics: Improvement of the National LLL and LLG Strategy, setting the priority tasks for implementation and indentification of the key factors; development of the action plan; Feasibility study on implementation of EU policies, esp. ECVET and EQARF in the Slovak education setting; its publication in electronic/paper form and presentation at seminars; Research at selected schools and employers aimed at data collection for an inter-sectoral discussion on the issues of skills need for the new jobs; its publication in electronic/paper form and presentation at seminars; Involvment of the actors from the world of work - creation links between LLL strategy and other sectoral strategies (e.g.employment and/or social inclusion strategy). The main tasks will be establishment of the network in Slovakia - involvement of institutions and experts from various sectors, organisation of 3 regional/sectoral seminars on LLL. The contacts to other networks established abroad will be aimed at exchange of the experience and best practice examples. An integral part of the projects are dissemination activities at the national and international levels. Envisaged impact is reflecting the main expected results of the Call - better established and implemented LLL strategies and policies in Slovakia, promoted by awareness-raising activities, as well as better coherence and coordination in the process of implementing national LLL strategies trough the establishment of fora and other activities.

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  • Education and training\Life long learning (2007-2013)\POLICY CO-OPERATION AND INNOVATION IN LIFELONG LEARNING (KEY ACTIVITY 1)\Awareness of lifelong learning policies and EU cooperation in education and training
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