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„Nasze Gimnazjum - centrum edukacji europejskiej w regionie”
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"Our Middle School - European education centre in the region." it is not only the title of our project, but also the primary objective of planned activities. However, we are aware that it can not be achieved without human factors, especially the teaching staff of the school. We also know that only their knowledge, skills , competence and commitment will allow to achieve the desired and ambitious goal. In that context knowledge of foreign languages which are used in international communication in united Europe, can not be overemphasized and without free communication international cooperation, which forms the basis for intercultural and pro-European attitude, is almost impossible. The European Community is the union of countries but there is no country without citizens. Even within one nation people differ in ethnic origins, religion or their own culture and tradition, but they share common national identity. An attempt to open to such diversity is the bedrock of understanding the needs of association of countries which is the foundation of creation of the European Union. The intention of our school is such education, which can contribute to the creation of a "new" generation of not only conscious Poles but also Europeans. People selected to participate in the training, which is one of the basic assumptions of the project, are six teachers ( five teachers of foreign languages among them ) who are the most engaged in activities related to international cooperation. The main selection criterion was the need to develop language competence not only in the target language but also in terms of identified needs of present and planned international projects between schools and the plans for expansion of the school’s offer in terms of integrated teaching. In order to meet the aims of the project, the European Plan of the School Development as well as project assumptions were prepared. The evaluation goals that will help manage all stages of the project through monitoring were accepted. Although it is very hard to reach the product in the process of education, it is rather easy to determine both the aim and the receiver. The receivers in our project are the teachers – the participants of mobilities as well as the rest of the staff and, consequently, the students. The aim is to gain a higher stage of language skills in the range of languages studied by our students and, of course the compensation of opportunities among Polish youth in the field of education at the European level thanks to forming the openness and national equality of every single member of the EU. Upgrading the quality of teaching foreign languages through educating teachers in the country and abroad will raise the effects of education as part of upgrading the individual set of skills , getting to know new methods of teaching and introducing new techniques or innovations. We are also planning to broaden the area of cooperation with our partners- from France( Metz) and Germany( Norden) concerning students and teachers’ exchange , language internship {students ’monthly stays in foreign families and participation in school classes) that will create the necessity of uninhibited-free communication with the users of other European mother tongues. Establishing cooperation with new partners will enable a greater number of students to participate in language exchanges and make contacts with their peers easier . As a result their language competence and horizons will be broaden. Enriching the educational offer of the school by creating the European class ( students are obliged to study extra hours of foreign languages as well as to study chosen subjects in English)will certainly increase the prestige of our school and implementation of its development. Exchanging the experience in the range of methodological and didactic solutions among teachers based on the practical knowledge they gained, will contribute towards introduction and realization of new proprietary curriculums. Giving teachers of all subjects an opportunity to increase their knowledge of foreign languages will make them motivated to take part in EU projects and to support pro-EU policies. In the long run, our Gimnazjum (lower secondary school) will not only become a viable link between primary and secondary education but will also play an important role in shaping attitudes of the young Europeans. We have the need and the will to become a modern center for encouraging and meeting the increasing need of learning in the youth; we aim to tackle the requirements of the job market head on and in doing so we will become an example for other schools in our region. We expect that the rising needs of students will be followed by teachers’ increasing willingness to “learn throughout life” not only in terms of their professional development but also in a broader sense, on many levels, so as to become a source of personal satisfaction.
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