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Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

‘Our Knowledge and Experience – Their Success’ is the project, which, basing on foreign languages teachers’ competence gained during trips abroad, will help to improve the quality of education in ZSOiZ. The project involves trips of four English teachers and one German teacher to two-week courses concerning linguistic skills and methodology of teaching foreign languages in Great Britain and Germany. English and German are the languages which are taught in Zespół Szkół, which is connected to the policy of the school, which puts emphasis on the quality of teaching foreign languages, rather than their number. The school offer is adapted to students’ needs – the area where they live is characterised by a great number of people who stay abroad earning their living, or those who are planning such a step. Chosen teachers are young, which means that they do not have much experience, however, this is the best time for them to gain new skills and develop themselves. The school employs about 70 teachers and in the technical secondary school there are about 500 students. The steps will be prepared in such a way to integrate students and engage them in the realisation of the project as early as possible. The teachers, before going to the courses, will prepare a short video presenting the school and their teaching methods. During the course, they will be to make reports. The students will be engaged in the promotion of the project, before, during and after their teachers’ courses. They will participate in creating leaflets and videos promoting the area where they live. The school will keep in touch with other schools in the region in order to share the experience and promote the results of the project. Anyone who will be interested in the results of the project will be invited to take part in open lessons conducted by our teachers. All teachers, students and headmasters will be engaged in the evaluation of the project by filling in the surveys, analyzing reports and taking part in meetings in order to emphasize the complexity of the project. The results of the project, which are: developing teachers and students’ linguistic skills, expanding their knowledge about the history and culture of Great Britain and Germany, the development of teachers’ interpersonal skills, long-distance changes in the methodology of teaching, establishing contacts with teachers from abroad; will definitely contribute to the realisation of the main school needs, fulfilling of which is the aim of the project. The main goals of the project are: improving the teachers’ qualifications and their linguistic skills, developing the sense of European citizenship and the students’ identity, encouraging students to constant education (formal and informal), eliminating educational failures and providing students with skills essential to the labour market and competitive economy. Above all we will emphasize gaining the long terminate aims of this project. The new methods of distributing the knowledge will make the particular changes to our language teaching program. They will also prepare the teachers to lead the lessons, having in mind all the differences of interest and motivation among the pupils. All of those teaching methods will be used by other teachers of our school during their classes, which will definitely improve the multiplication of gained abilities and skills. Our school also hopes to meet other European schools’ expectations and join their projects as a partner. We believe it will help us to change our school into a more opened institution, offering our pupils additional possibilities in gaining knowledge and European mobility. As far as we are concerned, the realisation of this project is really important due to a specific of our region where the unemployment rate is one of the highest in Poland. We are sure that our students will not be competitive enough without the needed skills and abilities, which are supposed to be taught by our teachers. As we mentioned before it is our school and its teachers that are responsible for making our pupils competitive, knowing that their parents usually work abroad and are absent at home. We make them learn languages and vocational skills, motivate them and give them hope for the future, because our school is the only place where they have chance to learn tolerance to other people and their culture or tradition, which, as we know, is essential to all inhabitants of European Union.
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