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Нашето бъдеще в Европа
Start date: Sep 1, 2015, End date: Aug 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

There are twenty students and ten teachers from PG po SS “Han Asparuh” who will take participation in the “Our Future In Europe” project. The students are being taught in the specialties “Mechanization in agriculture”, “Agriculture” and “Rural tourism”. Rights to apply will have those students who still haven’t participated “Leonardo Da Vinci” Mobility activity, “Lifelong learning” program and “Erasmus + KD1” so everybody who hasn’t participated any projects will be given the chance to do it. They will declare this circumstance personally in the Application they will submit. The potential beneficiaries must respond to the described in the draft proposal criteria. After the final selection there will be twenty five students chosen. This is in case of unforeseen circumstances if some student is not able to continue his/her participation in the mobility to be possible to be exchanged by other /i.e. there will be five students in reserve/. The number of teachers in PG po SS is thirty one and the half of them are vocational and special disciplines teachers (theory and practice). All they got university graduation (bachelor or master’s degrees). Ten people will be included to the project after application submit to the school headmaster, together with a letter of motivation and a CV. In case the applicants are more than ten they will be selected according to the differential assessment results. The project “Our Future In Europe” responds to the increased needs of the various vocational knowledge, skills and competences of the students and improves the practical skills of the young people. The students will have the ability to practice what they learned through theory lessons time. For an adequate respond to the student’s needs the teachers must improve their qualification too in accordance to the new modern European vocational disciplines teaching standards and practical occupations conducting. The “Our Future In Europe” project’s main target is to enhance the vocational education’s quality in PG po SS “Han Asparuh”, Isperih. Our specific targets are: to improve the knowledge, skills, competences and qualifications of twenty potential participants from PG po SS; to improve the professional competences and qualifications of ten PG po SS teachers through surveillance, introduction and application the European methods and technologies of teaching in vocational education and the using of ICT; to make more attractive the vocational education in the territory of Municipality Isperih; to continue the interacting and the cooperation between PG po SS, Isperih and Fattoria Biologica Patrice, Spoleto, Italy and to set the beginning point of the cooperation between PG po SS, Isperih and TEMIS organization, Spain for realization of similar projects in the future (all the project proposal partners are representatives of three European countries which are related to the vocational education and teaching); the students will study the Italian experience in offering tourist services in combined with the producing of biological products in the partner’s farm and they will show their skills and competences which will improve their self-esteem. This will contribute to their successful competition on the European labor market and their personal development. Participants will be introduced with the history, culture, sights and traditions of Italy – area of Umbria and the “Eternal City” – Rome (activity 1 – students) and Spain – Tenerife Island (for the teachers). The results we expect to achieve by the project’s realization are: - improved and increased vocational practical and theoretical knowledge, skills and competences of twenty PG po SS students; - improved language communicative abilities with wide organic farming and agritourism technical terms vocabulary; - well acquainted with the history and geography of Italy /one of the economically most developed countries/ students; - improved abilities for finding job and applying for one and decreasing the lack of qualification; - increasing the professional qualification of ten vocational education teachers; Activity 1: The mobility will be accomplished in Spoleto, Italy. Trainees will be accommodated by the project partner Fattoria Biologica Patrice in their own farm, which has its own beds in Spoleto. The students will be fed in farm too. The farmers also provide their jobs and cultural program on weekends. Practice will be held in June and July 2016 at the proposal of our partners in their own farm. Activity 2: Teacher training will be carried out by partner International Education College Temis in Granadilla De Abona Tenerife, Spain. Given the specificity of our school the best time for the meeting is over spring break of 2016.

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