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Nanotechnology for Chemical Enterprises – how to link scientific knowledge to the business in the Central Europe space (NANOFORCE)
Start date: Apr 30, 2011, End date: Oct 30, 2013 PROJECT  FINISHED 

It is worth pointing out that the word "nanotechnology" has become very popular and rightly so as if by rearranging atoms we can produce something completely different, number of possibilities is endless. Nanotechnology currently underpins many practical applications (medical, Information and communication technologies, energy production, food-water, security, broad range of materials etc..) and has the potential to enhance quality of life and environmental protection, and boost industrial competitiveness.Even if the knowledge in the field of nanosciences and the industrial application has been gradually increasing over the last 10 to 20 years in Europe, there is the necessity of a larger international cooperation and researchs coordination to overcome disciplinary boundaries, to fill the gap between more and less experienced regions and to turn investments in Research & Development (R&D) in industrial innovations. This is challenge for EU economy and also for the Central Europe regions: indeed, Europes main competitors are characterised by coordinated, centralised R&D programmes in nanotechnology and it appears unlikely that the EU, which is characterised by a relatively fragmented nanotechnology landscape, can remain competitive at world-level without better focussing and transnational coordination.Hence, the general objective of NANOFORCE project is to foster the innovative nanotechnology sector network across Central Europe regions by bringing together public and private organizations (enterprises, research centres, venture capitalists and public institutions) to carry out collaborative & interdisciplinary researches on nanomaterial in the frame of REACH Regulation ( European Union regulation concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation & restriction of Chemicals) and to turn the most promising laboratory results into innovative industrial applications. Achievements: NANOFORCE aims at better integrating Sciences, Industries, Finance, Management & Public Authorities for the sustainable development of nanotechnologies in Central Europe, by creating of an homogenous geographic area where Research & Development (R&D) Centers, Companies, Professionals & Competent Authorities can realize nanoproducts in a responsible way. Project general objective is to foster the innovative nanotechnology-sector networks across Central Europe regions by bringing together public & private organizations (enterprises, research centers, venture capitalists and public institutions) to carry out collaborative & interdisciplinary researches on nanomaterials (in the frame of REACH Regulation) and to turn the most promising laboratory results into innovative industrial applications. From the ideas generation to set R&D projects and to bring nanosubstances and nanoproducts in Industrial and Consumers markets, using the responsible approach towards the safe uses of nanomaterials. Project is in its crucial phase, focused on the individuation of the potential nanodeals proposers among innovative SMEs, Academia start-ups and spin-off who are interested in using the project interactive tools as the Nanodeals Generator platform ( as support in launching their innovative & economically valid nanotech initiatives. A nanodeal is a business proposal for an agreement or project that is mutually beneficial for both the idea proposer and its potential investor , focusing on the exploitation of nanotechnology know-how through the approach ""from lab to market"". Up to date 18 nanodeal proposals were uploaded on the platform, all Partners (PPs) are strongly committed to improve this amount to reach the planned 100 deals individuated. The collected nanodeal proposals will be subsequently evaluated by the Technology Rating Methodology, that has been defined by all PPs and it is now setting out by the highly specialized experts to have the complex startingmethodology transformed in the easy and user friendly online assessment tool, available for everybody. In order to reinforce the PPs knowledge in the REACH Reg. requirements, that have to be respected while preparing the specific exposure scenarios and safety data sheets for tested nanomaterials, Lead Partner in strict cooperation with the Reach Center (Brussels), organized the virtual on-line training The CHESAR 2.0 for a better management of the SDS, that was very appreciated by the attendees. Moreover the NANOFORCE consortium organized the international capacity building course, hold in Prague on 26-28.06.2013. This 2,5 day course aimed to provide a comprehensive overview on how to transform the scientific knowledge into a successful business. Its main achievemnt was to support young researchers in identifying their potentiality and willing to apply their competences to the markets needs, and interested to transform them into business.

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