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Nanostructured Lithium Conducting Materials (NANOLICOM)
Start date: Jan 1, 2011, End date: Dec 31, 2014 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Solid State Ionics, as an interdisciplinary science, covers chemistry, physics and materials science. The applied perspectives, that include high-energy-density batteries, fuel cells, electrolysis cells, chemical sensors, electrochromic devices and solar cells, and the need for their improvements are an important catalyst for designing new materials. Besides these attractive applications, academic research needs to be reinforced since ion transport in disordered materials is still poorly understood. In particular, the study of nanomaterials opens new questions related to the relationship between structure, processing and physical properties.The aim of this exchange program lies on the investigation of (i) the grain size effect and (ii) the crystallinity on ionic transport of Li-conducting materials based on perovskites, compounds with Nasicon structure and LiPON. Amorphous, nanocrystalline and microcrystalline oxides and oxynitride will be synthesized as powders and films. Processing of these materials and sintering will be performed to obtain thick films and high density pellets. Influence of micro and nanostructure on Li mobility will be investigated. TEM, SEM could offer a wealth of information on nanostructured compounds. Systematic investigations performed on these materials, using different dynamic techniques, able to probe static and dynamic properties at the microscopic level, will be useful, i.e. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance on 6Li and 7Li nuclei (with their different techniques: static NMR, MAS-NMR, 2D NMR, Pulse Field Gradient), quasi-elastic neutron scattering, broadband impedance and dielectric spectroscopy. In particular, the relationship between structure and physical properties will be clarified to lead to a rational design of ionic conductors and to an improvement of the electrochemical devices. A strong network between complementary scientists (Chemists, Physicists, Materials Engineers) from EU and Ukraine would be valuable to perform this programme.

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