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Nano- and microtechnology -based analytical devices for online measurements of bioprocesses (NANOBE)
Start date: 01 Apr 2009, End date: 31 Mar 2012 PROJECT  FINISHED 

There is a growing need for effective monitoring of the micro-organisms and bioprocesses used in the sustainable production of fuels, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. The NANOBE -consortium will develop a compact, flexible analysis tool for reaction monitoring applications in the industrial biotechnology industry. The result of the NANOBE –project will be an integrated measurement platform for real-time monitoring of industrial bioprocesses. This versatile platform will enable simultaneous analysis of dozens of analytes, including individual cells, product profiles and intracellular biomarkers. The platform will be composed of multiple 'lab-on-chip ' modules. Together, these modules will measure a broad range of analyte types, including small molecules, proteins, enzymes, metabolites, specific mRNAs and entire cells. The measurement platform will be a significant improvement in terms of automation, analysis time, identification and sensitivity. The analysis platform will permit real-time feedback control of large-scale production processes, screening of production organisms and optimisation of reaction conditions. The tool will improve process productivity, product quality and accelerate development of production organisms for applications in industrial biotechnology. The platform is designed to be flexible so that it can be applied either as a multiplex platform system to monitoring multiple analytes, or as individual device components for analysis of specific compounds. The versatile measurement tool will require only a change in method (e.g. a change of reagents or analysis conditions) to enable the measurement of a new analyte. The NANOBE consortium combines world-class expertise in microfluidics, nano- and microfabrication techniques, photonics, electronics, sensor technologies, and biotechnology. The platform will exploit the scaling laws associated with microfluidic devices to reduce analysis time and sample volume.
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