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Na drodze ku doskonałości
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

“The borders of my language are the borders of my world” (Wittgenstein). Language determines thinking and perceiving. Studying a foreign language enable to extend awareness involving things that have been unapproachable so far, winning a key, a general code. We would like to offer such a key to our students. Primary School No. 74 in Szczecin employs 84 teachers. 780 students attend school and they have got different needs, expectations and learning styles . The school provides educational opportunities for children with disabilities in the integrated classes . The changing reality , new technologies and different needs of students who seem not to be interested in so far attractive teaching aids or methods , obligate teachers to constant learning and searching for new solutions. The school needs permanently learning and open to new ideas teachers , who should be interested in modern teaching . They are expected to work at the highest European level in order to achieve progress with all, also disabled students and to meet huge requirements of the environment.The Project of Primary School No. 74 in Szczecin " Open to changes " aims to raise the efficiency of the facility through the teachers' participation in the language, methodology and language and, language observation trainings . We expect teachers to apply in the daily work with students their gained skills and to adjust innovative solutions to the preferred learning styles and special pupils' needs. 17 teachers are expected to participate in the project: foreign languages ( English and German ), early school education, subjects ( physical education , science, religion ), common room, special educators , and the deputy head of the school. In connection with the planned opening of CLIL class, teachers will get to know such a system and to learn how to plan and organize work and how to prepare their own materials in order to achieve the best results in the proper integration the foreign language with other subjects. The early school education teachers, having completed a qualifying course of German will improve their language skills and methodology to be able to teach in the bilingual classes not only all the types of education but also the foreign language. It is extremely beneficial to students because these teachers are distinguished by an excellent professional training and knowledge of psychological and physical development of the child. Foreign language teachers will participate in the methodology and language trainings. European School is a school with a high level of teaching foreign languages. It shows pupils the diversity and beauty of different cultures. Thus, language teachers need to confront their skills , enrich vocabulary by using collocations and idioms that are created all the time. They should also take care of culture in order to be a model for students to follow, bearing in mind autonomy and independence of a learner. They are also interested in becoming familiar with some news in teaching creativity in the classroom. Selected teachers will participate in the ICT activities to bring the latest innovations in the field , ensuring a high level of service facility and the transfer of students skills among others, in the field of computer programmes, tools , platforms and their capabilities (creating podcasts , work with the Audacity programme, blending learning method, Webquest ) As our school educates through theatre, dance and music , we would like our teacher to take part in such a field in order to learn how to be effective in teaching the foreign language and culture . Special educators will participate in a language course to become experts in directing the work of pupils with special educational needs and taking care of their educational success . A group of teachers, especially math and science, will participate in language courses in order to be able to initiate and carry out international projects and organize interesting forms of extracurricular work with the elements of a foreign language. Building Power Learning will help teachers in using motivation and learning strategies . Language - observation course will be a source of inspiration for the introduction of changes in the individualization of work, focused on student's learning . Our teachers will be also interested in working without a manual and preparing their own materials . All the teachers will be obliged to develop a bank of Good Practice and to share knowledge and skills within the Platform Exchange of Experience ( open classes and workshops for other teachers ).
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