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N(etwork) for I(nnovative) and C(reative) E(uropeans) in Ukraine
Start date: Mar 1, 2013,

NICE.UA (Network for Innovative and Creative Europeans in Ukraine) will host 12 volunteers from Programme Countries for 7 months in 4 communities in the Donetsk region of Ukraine.Under the theme of Community Development and European Active Participation and Citizenship, volunteers will serve as promoters and multipliers to develop and complete a set of diverse and learning-orientated activities using their creativity as the central theme. The will also establish bridges of communication in between sites in their home country and the areas they are established. All activities have 3 dimensions: personal development, development within the host organization and community development. The volunteers will be charged with designing, organizing, and implementing, in conjunction with local counterparts and youth from their hosting communities, a variety of activities such as:- Sports events, group games- Environmental activities- Youth camps- Walks in the cities, visits to different sights and events- Theatre and art workshops- Music and dance - Cultural awareness and learning activities,- All volunteers will be able to get involved in other national and/or international programs developed by Alliance during the EVS Service.Objectives: - Stimulate the intercultural learning process and enhance European Awareness and Active Participation within the host communities in the Donetsk Region.- Provide the context and opportunities for all volunteers to develop both personally and socially by acquiring and improving new skills and competences as well as boost their self-confidence. - Increase tolerance towards different cultures by learning and accepting cultural differences.- Contribute to community development by boosting the participation and active involvement of youth in local communities. - Encourage participation of youth with fewer opportunities- Widen and strengthen the partnership and cooperation between all project promoters
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