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This project is centred on the educational process and the increase of its quality. It supports students’ improvement of English, development of their creativity which will make their entrance to the labour market trouble free after finishing school. The project main objective is the organisational change of classic education into more practical one. On the basis of experience with this form of education and positive respond of students and public, we want to continue this educational form on multinational level. Thematic content of taught things, concerning the project, will be part of teaching modules. The students will make a dramatic representation within technical and social subjects, starting with designing of costumes and stenography till the premiere of the play. English will be the language of the instruction during the whole duration of the project therefore students will choose William Shakespeare’s plays as their source of inspiration. Each partner will make one performance of one play by this author in English; they will all differ in styles. The plays will be performed in English and theatrical casts, work groups within costume design, stenography, documentation and presentation of the play to public, will be of international structure. Thanks to that students will learn mutual respect, tolerance, proving correctness of their opinions and how to defence them in a respectful way. Common aim of each exchange in a host country will be the performance, its documentation and presentation to the public in each region and on the international level using various medias as well. The way to reach this outcome will be in directing of each host county. The project will come to end by common performance of all three plays after agreement in one of the participating countries. Students will improve their language skills, computer programmes: Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, In Design, work with a camcorder and photography. They will obtain skills in sewing costume.
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