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Start date: Jan 1, 2015, End date: Dec 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The work programme of EADTU for 2015 is organised along some (multi-annual) core action lines:-First, the study on the Changing Pedagogical Landscape by EADTU will offer a richness of new information on the introduction of new modes of teaching. In 2015 several activities will be linked to this study to reach out as much as possible to the HE community and related governmental bodies and bring forward the recommendations on speeding up the process of modernising European universities. By doing this study, Governmental policy has become a new field of expertise for EADTU that we want to further exploit from 2015 on. We will work out a sustainable model with the 8 country experts on how to continue and update results of the study. Further in 2015 we will focus on the following action lines:-EMPOWERing HEI’s in their transition to online/blended education. After establishing 12 expert pools with 77 experts from open and conventional universities we will start in 2015 with identifying niches in expertise, modules in supporting universities, pilots on the use of modules and staff training within universities. Next we will prepare executive seminars at the institutional and governmental level on strategies for formal, non-formal and informal education.-OpenupEd aims to open up education to all learners interested in taking part in online HE. It offers almost 200 high quality learner-centred MOOCs in 11 languages, designed for self-learning. The daily operations of OpenupEd include dissemination and awareness raising, increasing impact and outreach, monitoring, evaluation and research. In 2015 the present OpenupEd website will become multilingual. Connected EADTU projects are SCORE2020 (Support Centres for Open education and MOOCS in different Regions of Europe2020) and Home (22 countries network for European cooperation on open education and MOOCs)-E-xcellence quality benchmarking for online/blended learning at EU level. E-xcellence and the OpenupEd quality label are continuously evaluated to be optimized as an improvement tool. For 2015 we will extend dissemination and guidance of E-xcellence and OpenupEd towards ENQA-agencies and European universities.-Collaborative curricula and mobility: the Humanities network within EADTU will start a European Virtual Seminar to give students the opportunity to get an ‘international experience’ during their study, online. Cooperation between 8 universities will involve virtual mobility across members and other institutions to expand online curriculum sharing.-Research and innovation in online and open education by members will become more visible under the EADTU umbrella and website. A new network of frontrunner R&D units in innovating educational technologies will organise a research strand at the EADTU conference 2015 and publish related papers. The unit will also support the Empower and OpenupEd initiative and work together on tenders. -Communication and information: the use of the website, mail, a bi-monthly newsletter (5000 contacts), the OpenupEd newsletter (7000 contacts), dedicated project dissemination, newsflashes and announcements. All action lines are shared with other international organisations like EUA, EDEN, ENQA, ESU, EUCEN, ESMU, EUCIS-LLL and the EADTU Student Council. At a global level we will meet with UNESCO, ICDE and INQAAHE. This is essential in creating an extended outreach on our outcomes and involve experts and stakeholders in our initiatives European wide.

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