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MyHealth@Age - Improved Health, Safety and Well being for Elderly People living in Northern Periphery regions 1.10 (MyHealth@Age)
Start date: Dec 31, 2007, End date: Dec 30, 2010 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Many elderly people feel unsafe outside their homes which limits their social contacts and physical activities. MyHealth@Age aims to provide products and services making it possible for elderly people to feel safer and live a more active and healthy life. Healthcare and Welfare organizations (HWO) have problems to provide good medical and welfare services to the rapidly increasing elderly population, especially at distant and less populated regions. MyHealth@Age aims to provide products and services making it possible to involve the elderly people more actively in distance spanning healthcare and welfare activities. This can improve the quality and capacity within the limited resources available. MyHealth@Age will therefore be important to secure good health and well being for the increased number of elderly people in northern periphery regions the coming years. The products and services focus on mobile safety alarms, prescribed self treatment and social networks, identified as important by end-users at earlier projects. They will be developed and evaluated through field trials in close co-operation between elderly people, HWO staff, ICT companies and Universities in Sweden, Norway and Northern Ireland. Through dialogues with HWO decision makers, elderly people and market and sale partners, business models will be developed making it possible to offer the products and services in larger scale after the project. Achievements: The project has so far specified the requirements and developed a prototype in close co-operation between elderly people, healthcare and welfare staff, ICT companies and reserachers. The products have been developed. Education/training has started as well as field trial usage. At the Swedish trial site, daily life usage has started with Prescribed Healthcare. The Mobile Safety Alarm functionality has been released and the end-users evaluate the product at the moment. Daily life usage will start mid November. As soon as the end-users are comfortable with these products, the Social Network product will be introduced. The Norwegian field-trial site introduce the new products and services following the Swedish example with about one month delay. The Northern Ireland trial site begin instead with Social Network. When the end-users feel confident using that, the other products and services are released. Several regional dissemination events has been performed especially in Sweden (see the Swedish part of The responce has been very positive.Products and services:Title: Mobile Safety Alarm Service An assistance service for elderly people with fragile health who would like to be able to walk outdoors, socialize with friends and relatives and manage daily life activities autonomously and clients with balance problems such as patients with stroke and Parkinson. They can trigger an alarm, or the alarm is triggered automatically, when in need of assistance. The alarm call is received wirelessly by the alarm centre whose staff calls the alarm customer to check out which assistance is needed, then distributes the alarm call to assistance staff’s smart phones who locate the alarm customer and provide the requested support service.More information see: Mobile Safety Alarm Product Mobile application, including fall sensor and position tracking that dispatches (automatically or triggered) an alarm to welfare staff located close to the alarm customer. The application is reliable and easy to use and can be used on a broad range of mobile devices.More information see: Prescribed Healthcare Service A service that engages the clients more actively in their own healthcare by developing a health activity plan together with the patient, agreeing on short-term goals which are then evaluated by the healthcare professionals together with the patient. After each evaluation, the plan is adapted. Communication on health questions between patients and healthcare professionals can also take place via secure e-mail. If the health plan includes specific exercises or the utilization of own diagnose instruments, instructions can be provided through video messages, digital photographs and other kind of documents. More information see: Prescribed Healthcare Product A secure mobile application including step and pulse meters to stimulate and evaluate physical activity, an alarm functionality for when to take one's medication or take a measurement (glucose, blood pressure, PK and 2-channel ECG, etc.), giving immediate feedback on measured values by displaying the recommended values, reporting data back to healthcare staff, and secure messaging services to facilitate the communication between patient and health care professional.More information see: Social Networking Contact Active Peer-Support Social Networking Product customised for elderly people living in rural locations, have family who do not live close by, wish to have regular contact with Healthcare Professionals for informal advice, wish to communicate with a wider circle of friends more regularly, wish to communicate with others who live in similar scenarios or have similar ailments/diseases that assists them in remaining socially active.More information see:

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