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My story, your story, our EU story
Start date: Jan 31, 2015, End date: Nov 29, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

My story, your story, our EU story Alhama de Granada, Spain 30.01-04.02.2015 Youth Exchange Prticipant Countries: 6 Croatia, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Moldova, Spain The youth exchange is going to be about self development through creative writing. We give them tips how they can develop their skills by writing stories or for example brain storm Loesje posters. During the project they will learn about local literature, and also they will show us what they see inspiring from their country. We aim to provide participants with tools and inputs to help them to be more aware of themselves, their skills and their competences - and also how to empower young people they are working with to do the same. In particular, we would like to: - To create a space for personal development, by exploring personal talents, aspirations and potential through a variety of non formal education and experiential tools; - To explore and reflect on ‘change’ and ‘responsibility’, as ways to define and reach personal and professional objectives and live a more fulfilling life; - To experience tools and methodologies that can be utilised to enable, empower and inspire young people; - To discover how non-formal education can enhance employability of young people and guide them in finding their own career path; An important part of the programme will be the connection with nature and experiencing outdoors and during the week the participants will do workshops outside from the room, and they will have some tasks also connected to the local community. The methodology of the project: we are going to use energizers and non-formal tools. The whole activity based on non-formal education and methodology, therefore the whole exchange will have a dynamic, vivid schedule. Every participant will face with something new, and later they can use these technics in their real life, environment. Impact of the project: We hope it will foster the understanding among different cultures and countries, and they will learn from each other during the project To decrease prejudice, racism, or any kind of attitde, what people might have because of the fact, they have never met with foreigners. We also hope gaining their competencies will have a great effect on the life of the participants, and they will find career, job easier then before.

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