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My role as a global citizen
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: Nov 30, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

My role as a global citizen The world nowadays is facing many problems; the ongoing or potential conflicts pose danger to the civilian development and peaceful cohabitation, so we should have enough knowledge for solve them. Avoiding them is possible through the way of active diplomatic intervention. The young generation is capable of pursuing a lot of things. Why is it good to understand the World Citizenship? Because a peace will be easy to achieve, if we realize that we are human beings with equal rights. A peace is the prosperity. Also a global citizen should equally take care of every point in the world because it’s its property and property, as Machiavelli says, is more keen sense than parental love. A world citizenship doesn’t mean the loss of nationality, but to share the suffering or joys happened on the other part of the world and to feel its influence as locals. A world citizenship increases human responsibilities. Therefore nowadays youth people are more sensitive towards the world than their ancestors. Without a global citizenship we couldn’t use wealth created by other people, we would be less open-minded. A global citizenship develops national interests instead suppressing them. A world citizenship is a freedom because nowadays our affiliation to the world is heightened. We become more informed and educated because we can use world’s achievements without any borders. And the education is freedom. But this all is bilateral. With each of our existences we enrich the world knowledge. We share our experience to others, who have not been in our countries; who have not had such a life as we lived. People are equally different. So each difference of us creates a phenomenon of global citizenship. Each of the mentioned reasons is the main point of the project. During the activities was highlighted the main idea of global citizenship, its positive and negative sides and we will discuss about the world future with such a strong process of globalization. Objectives and aims of the project: • To collect the youth workers and leaders for rising their awareness about global citizenship. To help them clarify their purpose as global citizens. • To give opportunities to the youth for meet new people, share their ideas and lifestyles to each other, which will help them to see and experience of how does global citizenship work. • To let the participants learn the respect of difference and its acceptance. • To check and learn previous experience in relevant topics, to understand participants personal visions, ideas and practice. • To help understanding to youth people the meaning of global citizenship, how does it work and how should it be created. Profile of participants: • Youth workers, leaders, active youth volunteers, decision makers, trainers, etc. • Competently able to work in English language • Be aged between 18 and 35; Impact of activities: An impact is to make a strong interest to global citizenship and its ideas in youth leaders and workers. They have to realize a main purpose and meaning of it. The open-minded youth with great awareness is a guarantee of the peace, cooperation, and reaching European goals. Development of European citizenship by the way of civil activism is the most important of the people's necessities. So why we should collect such a kind of youth discuss and try to find any interesting and useful ideas to improve citizenship and inclusion quality.
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