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Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

School vision: "In a safe and stimulative environment we strive to educate top-quality professionals whose creative work infuses our world with a distinct spirit of positiveness and enthusiasm."At our school we strive to offer something more than just plain vocational education and student mobilities are one of the ways to experience the added value of hairdressing vocation. Student mobility can be a life-changing experience and a student's statement "Sara, since you came back from Spain, you are much friendlier and even fun" testifies to a profound transformation that this particular student underwent. A teacher that categorically refused to go anywhere because she could not speak the language is now asking when she is finally going to travel somewhere. International cooperation and student mobilities are one of the few project that really work and that keep us going despite the paperwork. What is more, our school is one of very few vocational schools that still manages to fill up its classrooms despite the dropping numbers of students enrolling in vocational schools. This is the context that keeps inspiring us and makes us persistently participate in transnational mobility.Main goals are to :- enhance the number of students involved in mobility projects- improve the quality of cooperation between institutions and organizations providing education, companies, social partners and other European organizations- develop innovative solutions, subjects and services in the field of hairdressing- promote mobility as a part of lifelong learning process- enhance the students' confidence regarding their professional knowledge and skills- improve their command of English and enable them to practice and use vocabulary related to hairdressing- contribute to school's good reputation - establish a long term cooperation through yearly student exchanges- encourage the promotion of intercultural dialogue- commitment to constant upgrading of quality of student mobility.The expected outcomes are as follows:- improved quality of education- application and integration of new experience, knowledge into the process of vocational education- highly motivated students as well as teachers- increased number of students who enroll in our school- better possibilities of employment for students at home as well as abroad (Europass mobility)- better command of English and increased confidence in communication in English - established professional and personal contacts- yearly student exchanges including work placement- increased level of intercultural tolerance. The number of students is 25 and accompanying persons 13. The profile of the students: second and third year students who already have some or a lot of hairdressing experience. The selection criteria is as follows reliability, independence, self-iniciative, meeting deadlines, practical class evaluation, communication skills and command in English. Student who is coming from underprivileged families will be given additional points. Mobility will take place in March and April 2017 except to England which is planned for October due to a hairdressing event Salon International.Main activities:-student selection (September, October 2016)- Mobility England Oct 2016-preparation camp with workshops and meeting with parents (January- March 2017)-pre-visit ECVET documents (January 2017)- last meeting before the mobility for the students and accompanying teachers (March- April 2017)-Mobility (March, April 2017)-students mobility blog during the mobility-dissemination in class (May, June 2017)-dissemination at the staff meeting (May, June 2017)- evaluation: Mobility tool+ online survay+ ECVET document+interview with the coordinator (May, June 2017)-evaluation of the whole project and partner organizations and by partner organization (June 2016)Long term effect: good and established reputation, keeping the number of students enrolling into our school, lifelong learning experience (student and staff), long term cooperation with partner organizations, accepting other cultures and promoting intercultural dialogue.Expected results:-improved quality of the learning process-improved motivation (staff and students)-the school is more competitive, attractive and easily recognized as an institution promoting open- mindedness, transnational cooperation, mobility in the labour market and intercultural tolerance, which consequently contributes to higher number of students wishing to enroll into our school.-established professional and personal contacts-improved chances of employment for hairdressers searching for their first job (Europass Mobility)-acquiring knowledge that can be compared to other vocational standards in EU-improved motivation among students and staff for learning foreign languages and getting to know other cultures
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