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My Modular, Intelligent, Low cost, Do it yourself, nearly zero energy House for our Eco Green Village  (MILD HOME)
Start date: Sep 30, 2012, End date: Sep 29, 2014 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project aims at defining, designing and boosting the building the first MILD HOMEs (zero emission, in passive house style, reliable, recyclable and low cost) conceived to be located in an Eco Green Village (energetically self sustainable, zero emission, with eco waste management and low water footprint) in order to make it evident in the SEE area that low environmental footprint villages are feasible and within the reach of ordinary people who want to build a new home. The innovative aspect of MILD HOME lies in combining the characteristics of a nearly zero energy house with low costs (materials with good performance but not so expensive, modularity, standardization, simple but essential automation, Do it Yourself-DiY option. All homes nevertheless should not be alike, but should be able to differentiate according to the tastes of the client, in line with their life style. Innovation is also in the modelling of the Eco Green Village, where solutions will be sought for additional energy saving and environmental added value. When MILD HOME will have success, the impact of the project will be noticeable in all the SEE energy saving and sustainable use of resources scenario, contributing to the achievement of the objectives of the EU EPBD directive 2010 recast. The existing sporadic demonstrations of zero emission very costly building (as it is currently in SEE countries) is not enough for real change to happen; MILD HOME can instead become a process that is repeated in a spirit of continuous improvement. For this reason technology partners and other involved experts will seek solutions together for setting common approaches and standards for the new MILD HOME. They will work together to combine materials, components and subsystems already existing on the market to create MILD HOMEs on a common SEE basis, which then will be further customized, taking into account the specific geographical areas. LCA approaches will be adopted and Eu best practices taken into account. A network of SEE experts will be created in order to give scientific and design relevance to the MILD HOMEs for Eco Green Villages in the SEE area. This network will support the improvements of the MILD HOME design and birth of the first sustainable codes. Eight Municipalities, according to the developed Eco Green Village models, will identify urban areas to be destined to Eco Energy Villages. Eight competitions for ideas for building an Eco green Village based on the MILD HOME concept will be launched. The goal is to receive creative and innovative proposals and to develope local supply chains for building MILD HOMES on the basis of a SEE common approach, upgrading job places and avoiding shipment costs and the pollution impact of transport. Finally municipalities should raise awareness and inform citizens about advantages of MILD HOME and should stimulate Banks to sponsor pilot Eco Green Village initiatives. Local assistants for building MILD HOMEs (generally architects) will be jointly trained in order to create a SEE expert group. Four call for tenders for preliminary drafts or exemplary/demonstration design proposals for building the first Eco Green Villages based on MILD HOMEs will be issued by four Municipalities and the first two sites for starting the construction of the first Eco Green Village will be opened. After involving stakeholders, policy makers and contacting building lands owners, investors and builders, at least in two municipalities the construction of an Eco Green Village will be authorized (two pilots). It will be strategic to bring MILD HOME to the attention of the Covenant of Mayors, to further contribute to its diffusion. Local actions will be fostered to promote MILD HOME with citizens and politicians, to favour its inclusion in urban development plans. MILD HOME INFO POINTS will be started and regional workshops will be opened to potential users, building stakeholder and political representatives. Achievements: • MILD HOME Eco Green Village model for Caras Severin• MILD HOME Eco Green Village model for Castelnuovo Rangone• MILD HOME Eco Green Village model for Feltre• MILD HOME Eco Green Village model for Savski venac• MILD HOME Eco Green Village model for Sofia• MILD HOME Eco Green Village model for Strem• MILD HOME Eco Green Village model for Tatabanya• MILD HOME Market Analysis Report Caras Severin• MILD HOME Market Analysis Report Castelnuovo Rangone• MILD HOME Market Analysis Report Feltre• MILD HOME Market Analysis Report Savski venac• MILD HOME Market Analysis Report Strem• MILD HOME Market Analysis Report Tatabanya• MILD HOME Market Analysis Report Thessaly• MILD HOME Performance indicatorsFor more information see:
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