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My land is your land
Start date: Aug 1, 2016, End date: Dec 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The "My land is your land" project is a youth exchange that was born as a result of the partners' awareness of the need for young people to understand the culture and traditions of their own and other countries, and to express themselves freely. The answer to this need involves on the one hand the awareness of the cultural dimension and the other side the acquisition of certain skills in some of the most beautiful and oldest forms of human expression: narrative, music and dance.The project will run from July 15 to November 15, 2015, will have a total of 24 participants (three group leader) bringing together three cultures, three countries consisting of: the association Ask Yourself from Romania, the informal group Passepartout Italy Belen Public Education Center from Turkey.From the causes that formed the problem tree, we state the following objectives:1. During the four months of the project, 24 participants will acquire knowledge about the culture and traditions of Italy, Romania and Turkey, they will learn the specifics of dance and music of the places of origin, of the 3 cultures writers, will acquire the basics on discrimination and its negative effects.2. At the end of the project, the 24 participants will develop the following skills: dancing dances specific to the culture of a country or playing guitar, working in groups, telling stories, administering questionnaires and talk freely with people from other cultures.3. Thanks to the activities of four months of the project, the 24 participants will develop a positive attitude towards young people of other cultures, more appreciate their own culture, will want to express themselves culturally, they will also want to learn about other cultures.4. At the end of the activities of Serra San Bruno, the 24 participants will organize a show of music, dance and poetry to which will be invited at least 40 people.The profile of participants also includes people with geographical difficulties, economic and social. Participants were selected on the basis of openness to culture, music, dance and according to the needs that these knowledge and skills can solve: the need for expression, the need to belong, low self-esteem, the need to relate.We believe that the planned activities will help participants to achieve their goals.The project offers informal methods (energizers, games for remembering names, team building, role playing games) aimed at creating an atmosphere of team where learning can take place easily. Continuing we will have workshops dedicated to music and dance that will develop to the same extent, they will increase the knowledge and skills from a cultural point of view. Visits to the Museum of Ferriere, to the library and visits to the Museum of the Calabrian Peasant offer participants the opportunity to realize better than any cultural dimension.The project will conclude with the final show that will give participants the opportunity to stay with an unforgettable memory, while reinforcing the skills acquired and opening the way to new passions.The activities will have an impact on the participants, developing their socio-cultural skills, self-confidence, the capacity for teamwork, skills in terms of dance, music, stories and how they can be tools in their own development.We expect long-term participants will be more open to the participation in international projects, will be more connected with their culture, more open to other cultures and that at least 30% of them will continue to express themselves through dance, music and narrative .

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