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My Future Is Up To Me

The aim of the project is to make the proccess of learning more attractive for pupils, teach them to survive in the real adult life as well as to make them aware of the importance of their process of learning and how it is going to influence in their working lives. Students are expected to be involved in their process of learning not just for the marks, but also for its importance for their future. It aims at describing the different types of occupations, from craftsmen to scientific professions by meetings with students from vocational, high schools, universities as well as employers from local companies. It also helps them to recognise their multiple intelligences, deal with organisation of their place of work, schedule, physiological needs and show them how this knowledge will help them to learn easier, faster and more effectively. We want to educate the conscious, creative and best prepared for life generation. Thus students are going to discover their skills, talents and use that information to self promote and learn about the enterprise. They should have a clear goal to achieve and be ready to get it. In the process of learning we will focus on Natural Science subjects and English as a communication skill. They will learn and be conscious of what they need to find a job. They will use IT, art, pedagogical innovation, field work and the exchange of students. The students and teachers will have a chance to make good friends. Their horizon and their vision will broaden. This project will provide our students, staff and local people to know EU culture, ethical values, history and provide them to be able to look at different cultures and beliefs with tolerance. It will lead to promoting intercultural dialogue among partner schools.
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