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My first youth exchange
Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: Feb 29, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

What is the volunteering? How you can help the community like a volunteer? Can no paid job can bring you some benefits? Do you think that it is important at job interview you are doing something extra? Are you afraid of non formal educational project abroad? Why are you afraid of it? Do you think that other cultures do not accept you? Do you want to break barrier with using English? From 25. 01. 2016 - 1. 02. 2016 twenty-five participants from Czech republic, Slovakia, Italy and Romania will find answers to these questions. This special youth exchange is targeted to people with any previous experience with international projects with the aim to defeat the fear of this kind of experience abroad among youth. Founders of this YE did together with partners a small research focused on discover the need of the youth exchange „MYFY“. We found out that for example in Czech republic, people would like to keep the information about non formal educational projects for themselves because otherwise the people would steal them their „places“. Another fact is that many respondents who are afraid of this kind of experience, would feel more comfortable to have a feeling that everybody are like them (without any experience). By implementing this YE we want to achieve a lot of goals: wake inside of the participants the volunteer, show them benefits of active citizenship and its connection with labour market, personal development, their community, physical and mental status. By using methods of non-formal education participants will create a small brochures with their feelings (how they felt before the YE – what they were afraid of and how they feel after that). Small brochures will be promote among partners organizations with the task to spread this result at libraries in their region and among high schools, universities. Group leader from each nation will be only one with experience who will watch their progress. Another outcome of this YE will be a videos with the aim to show people of Erasmus+ and benefits of active citizenship. Our ideas and toughs will be spread via the strongest tool – internet. Organizational team and the partners strongly believe that this YE can have positive impact to participants, community where they come from and other youth. Through this YE we want to break the fear of international projects and show them the benefits of volunteering and try to teach them how they as an individual can be valuable for society.
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