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Start date: Feb 1, 2015, End date: Jan 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our project will involve 3 partner organisations. There is going to be 1 sending and 2 hosting organisations and the project will be long term. The sending organisation is based in Turkey and the hosting organisations are based in Denmark and Ireland. The name of our project is “My Europe”. Our main goal with this project is to create awareness for turkish youth of european citizenship. We want them to experience the meaning of European democracy, european education style and how they plan their future. In this way we hope that with our further projects we will be able to add more to the understanding of democracy in Turkey. Also it is important for us that with this project we will educate our volunteers on the importance of intercultural dialogue and understanding. Our project will be split into to periods. During the first period there will be four and during the second period there will be two volunteers. Which makes 6 volunteers in total for this project. During the first period we will send two of our volunteers to Denmark and two volunteers to Ireland. In the second period the two who remain will be send to Denmark. There are no special qualifications needed for our volunteers. Their willingness to learn, solve solutions and teamwork will be enough. Because of this there will be no availability for people with less-opportunities. We have no criteria on gender. The preparations are made by the hosting organisation in order to improve dialogue, intercultural relationships, democratic awareness and so on. Also the volunteers will have the opportunity to help the Turkish citizens there to integrate in their new home country. Activities organised for our project will be diverse. Generally our activities will be held outside of the organisation building so our volunteers will be more involved in the community. We will organise activities like: panel discussions, language courses, cultural trips (museum, theatre, cinema, etc…) Our expected outcome will be that our volunteers will be educated in different cultures and learn many cultures Europe has. In this way they will be made aware of the importance of a bright new intercultural generation. To leave behind a stronger message after their experiences we will ask our volunteers to give seminars in different youth organisations. The project will help the volunteers to have a stronger sense of european citisenship and help them realise their role and possibilities in the european society. The project will enhance the same worries against discrimination, anti-Semitism, drug addiction and others. During the whole project these subject will be taken as a basis. Some activities will be dedicated to these subject because the main principle of our project is equality. The project as a whole is against any kind of racism and on topics like drug addiction we want to raise awareness. At the end of the projects we are going to ask our volunteers to ask youth with wich they have stayed in contact with in their host country to make a final evaluation. This will be done through a survey. We are also going to do this with our volunteers and partner organisations in order to get accurate feedback and data on the project. We will share this information on our website so other organisations in youth work and volunteers can benefit from it. If possible we also want to share this information with local news papers and other medium. We want to give this information for free to some organisations. In other cases we are willing to give seminars on this topic and help.

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