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My Community Passport – Key Competencies for Minor Offender Reintegration MyCOMPASS

Most European countries lack successful resource materials and a proven method to facilitate the transition phase from vocational training in detention to vocational training in public school system, and none have the approach of using key competencies as tools for reintegration. VET offers inside the detention / correction system are based on transmitting information, with no focus on transition to other learning pathways once the juvenile is reintegrating in the community. The results are: school drop-out, lack of job skills, difficult reintegration and relapse of minor offenders. MyCOMPASS project will develop, pilot and implement a framework of methodology, tools, learning programs and recommendation, for providing individual empowerment to learning and employment support specifically for young people in detention. The methodology will involve juvenile offenders as beneficiaries in its development and delivery as a way of enhancing skills and competencies. We aim at providing practical knowledge and tools to support juvenile offenders across the partner countries and the EU so that their chances of gaining sustainable employment and developing accredited skills are enhanced and they are better able to overcome social exclusion The consortium consists from 5 member countries covering Northern (Lithuania), Southern (Malta), Western (Portugal), Central (Hungary) and Eastern (Romania) Europe. This is especially important in order to bridge the gap between the different approaches in juvenile education and integration of disadvantaged youngsters in vocational education. A number of these partners have already co-operated in previous projects on prison education but others are new to this experience. By this mix we want to stay true to the “Transfer of Innovation” objective of offering a learning experience to all partners, including ones involved in the initial innovation development (in our case both Romanian partners).MyCOMPASS project will increase participation rates in vocational training in detention/correction system and offer easier transition from inside – the – system education into formal learning pathways and recognized qualifications on labor market. An overall improvement in the quality of juvenile offenders’ vocational education provision in Europe can be expected.The envisaged impact will be on three levels:• Short Term (learning level): raised awareness on VET for juvenile offenders , knowledge of key competencies, skills in working with key competency based programs, motivations in lifelong learning;• Medium Term (action level):positive behavior towards learning inside and outside the detention / correction system, practice key competency based teaching, decisions in developing VET offers that bridge the gap between detention / correction system and community , policies in attractiveness of VET; • Long Term (consequences level): social reintegration of juvenile offenders, economic & employment competitiveness.
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