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Musical 4 Europe
Start date: Dec 1, 2009,

"Musical 4 Europe" will gather 30 Youngsters from 6 different countries belonging to Europe, some from the EU family (Romania, Bulgaria, Italy) and some to join the family (Macedonia, FYR; Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina), in Vinica, Macedonia FYR with the aim to discover Europe and at the same time to try to build a new one based on their visions and from their prospective. For 9 days they will work together on building common values for one intercultural environment, values common for them as the Youth and as the future of Europe despite their differences, their different background, and their previous knowledge. Our project will aim to promote communication between young people from different ethnic and religious background and raise awareness about the existence of different cultures and different religion. The Exchange will promote dance as a sport of itself and outdoor activities and will make a link between culture, dance and Europe. The result will be a musical 4 Europe. Youngsters will unite their language in one script - invented by them and will promote that intercultaratin^aform of dancing musical: The musical will speak about Europe""and the diversity of culture that Europe holds inside, will be a mix of different traditions, languages, dancing. The result of our Youth Exchange will be the link that will appear between youngsters coming from different social and religious background and the positive example of working together towards the creation of something new. As for the last day of the exchange and the end of the exchange we will organize open musical presentation and invite the town to hear and to see Europe.

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