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Music in Healthcare Settings: training trainers

In France, Musique & Santé carries out projects with professional musicians specifically trained to work in healthcare settings. These projects are based on a philosophy of interaction and communication with the patients, their families, and care staff through playing music on a one-to-one basis, at the bedside, in workshops, ambulatory concerts, playing for and with. The projects are set up and delivered in close collaboration with the healthcare staff.The objectives are to give patients access to live music and to take part in the general care and support of hospitalized and disabled persons through humanization, creativity and shared pleasure, encounters and proximity, competences and professionalism, partnership and durability.Musique & Santé has developed training sessions for musicians to carry out quality musical interventions in partnership with healthcare staff. Further to these trainings, musicians who work for Musique & Santé are trained by more experienced musicians to become trainers themselves.Through diverse projects and exchanges with European partners, local and national needs have emerged in terms of training offers for musicians: there is generally a lack of specific training to work in healthcare environments for a cultural rather than a clinical purpose.Musique & Santé, the Royal Northern College of Music (UK), Music Network (Ireland), and the University of Applied Sciences of Turku (Finland) thus set up this project with the following objectives:- transferring Musique & Santé's expertise in terms of training musicians to explore and acquire the necessary competences to work in healthcare settings,- adapting this training to local and national contexts and implementing it in the Partners' vocational training program.The 3 Partner organizations had already worked with Musique & Santé to train their musicians to work in hospitals and each has a small number of trained artists. The Partners were keen to develop their national skills base by providing these artists with the skills to lead local and national training programs in music in healthcare settings, according to their specific needs and situations.The project addressed directly a gap in the provision of training in this burgeoning field of work. Partnerships with local health settings will be underpinned by these new professional training programs and the developing skills base will help to generate employment opportunities.
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