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Music Connection
Start date: May 1, 2015, End date: Aug 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Music Connection was born our of a desire of making young people fight unemployment, given the situation of crisis that is beating Europe nowadays. We decided to carry it out because we believe that youngest have the power to find the correct weapons to solve the employability problem, and we are convinced that music is a very effective way to achieve this. This is a London project between 9 no-for-profit Organizations from 7 European countries, all working with youths but from different field. Hosted by NICOLA, the project is divided into two parts: A1: A study visit for youth workers . A2: A Youth Exchange . The study visit involves 28 representatives from 7 countries and 9 government officials and non-governmental entities. The youth exchange involves 45 participants (38 youths + 7 leaders ) from the institutions and organizations of the 7 countries that previously participated in the Study Tour . In the first activity (A1 ) , we will try to understand more about the different activities and opportunities for youth participation and at the same time finding ways for youth to be more participatory , not only in local activities but also in national and European projects. Bringing together for 6 days 28 representatives, with great knowledge and experience, from different countries will enrich the entire group energy and may extrapolate the results obtained to the specific context of the entities of the different participating countries. They will engage in a variety of activities, focused on workshops in music and media, to apply in unemployment so that the young people can get to some ideas themselves through debates, discussions, which we believe will be very enriching, given the diversity of the participants. Debates , roundtables , exhibitions etc ... all of which will be made in a way where organizations can share their experiences and express doubts may be resolved with the group. This first part with the youth workers will take place for 6 days and will act as a training for the second part that will be for the participants to create the actual music projects focusing on unemployment. In the second activity (A2) , 38 young people from the 7 countries who attended the study visit , participate in a youth exchange that will take place in London, During the 7 days we will have very dynamic activities which will help the integration and enhance the presentation of the different groups , knowledge games , role playing , workshops , debates , planning, creating, visits to other local organizations and associations ... These activities will include discussions and debates on the unemployment topic, issues surrounding its causes and possible solutions that each counties' participants are taking or planning to take and the positive and negative effects on young people and society and mainly will look at the unemployment problem in Europe and the music industry in today society. In addition, introduction and evaluation meetings will be held and, in the evaluation meetings we will try to arrive to a common possible solution that would suit all countries in Europe, so that we can promote at the same time the Union among European countries. Collaboration for a common goal such as participation in planning together will help many youth feel more empowered to make decisions , to interact and to look and or create work opportunities. Their impressions, visions, experiences, activities and final show will be documented by music videos, and photos and presented in a documentary made by and for the youths. The aim of the project is to provide young people with an opportunity to voice and share their opinions, as well as learning new skills while creating original items that reflect their own identity and individual cultural influences, focusing on the way their countries fight this problem. We also consider that after this project, the participants will achieve professional skills which will help them in their professional development, and improve their employability. Also, the inter cultural experience will make a strong impact regarding their personal development making them more tolerant and understanding.
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