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"Music belongs to everyone"
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In this project the two schools of music from Harryda( Sweden) and Vésztő( Hungary), are planning to implement new innovative approaches in music education, the Kodály-El Sistema approach. The School of Arts in Harryda has collaboration with El Sistema in western Sweden, Gothenburg Symphonic Orchestra and Gothenburg Wind Orchestra. Their teachers are trained in the methodology. The El Sistema approach will be studied by Hungarian music teachers, because it is more than a music program, it is about changing life through music. El Sistema's approach to music education emphasizes intensive ensemble participation from the earliest stages, group learning, peer teaching and a commitment to keeping the joy and fun of music learning and music making ever-present. The School of Arts in Vésztő has collaboration with other music schools from the region and the Symphony Orchestra from Békéscsaba. The music teachers are trained in implementing the Kodály-approach, which has long-lasting traditions in the region, where Béla Bartók used to collect authentic folk-music. For both Kodály and Bartók,folk music was the inspiration, as well as the musical basis, for many of the compositions. Kodály was determined to reform the teaching of music and to make it an integral part of the education of every child. The Kodály music education is more a philosophy about the role of music in society and in the lives of children, than a "method" of music instruction.Further, the aim is to instil within each child a love of music based on knowledge and understanding, stemming from first-hand, active music-making experiences, beginning with childhood chants, folk songs, and singing games. In the project we are planning a workshop and conference for educators and a music festival with the participation of Cultural school students in every country. The Hungarian students and teachers will experience how El Sistema works in Sweden. The Swedish students and teachers will see, how Kodály Music Education is implemented from eary ages in the institutions from Vésztő, they will study authentic folk music and learn folk dances at the local Vintage festival. Our project will culminate in two joint concerts, one in Hungary, and one in Sweden. A DVD and a booklet of best practice will be made about the experiences, to share with other partners. The project will increase the interest to play music together and at a high level in ensemble, can increase interest in folk music from other countries, and can demonstrate methods to link the different regions of Europe through music.
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