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Music and Media for an Open Europe
Start date: Jul 1, 2014, End date: Feb 28, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The borders, limits, openness of Europe recently have shifted towards the focus of public discourse: From debates about the EU's attitude towards refugees, the roles and policies of Frontex and national border patrols via the Ukraine crisis to populist propaganda against migration within the EU, the question of openness vs. closure has become a vital issue all over Europe. What happens at the borders of the EU affects also the urban centers: Europe's big cities become more and more culturally diverse, the world is reflected in the metropols; the debate about the borders and extension of the EU is also a debate about our future society. We believe that openness, diversity and inclusiveness are key factors for a cohesive, peaceful and constructive future Europe. In this project, we invite diverse groups of young people from 8 European cities, including Larisa/Greece, Florence/Italy, Barcelona/Spain, Lille/France, Rotterdam/The Netherlands, Liverpool/UK, Cologne/Germany and Nis in not-yet EU member Serbia, to jointly reflect about and develop visions for an open Europe. The group's reflections and visions will be expressed and become manifest in music and media productions: Songs, music videos and short films created by transnationally mixed groups with support from professional music and media coaches with high levels of topical, intercultural and artistical competencies. After starting together in Cologne, the main part of the project will happen on the North Sea island Baltrum. The seminar house BK-Heim Baltrum is a quiet place next to a nature reserve; the participants will have the chance to focus on eachother and on the project topics and activities. The results of the exchange will be presented to the public on the island and in Cologne. Aims and objectives of the project include: – to develop ideas and visions for a future open Europe – to bring together young people from various European countries, to give them a chance to live and work together – and to learn from each other as well as from professional artists and coaches – to give room for intercultural learning, for exchange of views and cultural backgrounds, for appreciation of cultural diversity – to empower young people to express their feelings and wishes and to articulate their ideas and demands by means of music and media – to create a music pieces, music videos and short films on the topic of Open Europe in transnationally mixed groups; and to share them in public presentation and via social media – to help each participant to grow as a person, an artist and a citizen of Europe, to get a wider cultural horizon and to develop her or his talent, maybe even towards professionalism, thus facilitating social inclusion – to promote the project results and the ERASMUS+ YOUTH IN ACTION programme to a wide public – to raise public awareness of the talent and motivation within current European urban youth The project will have 48 participants (including group leaders), aged 16 to 30 years. The national groups will have a high level of cultural, social and gender diversity. Project results will include music recordings, music videos and short films on the project topic created by multinational groups involving input from each participant, as well as two public presentations. Professional quality will be facilitated by carefully selected experts as coaches and professional equipment. Project results will be published online and shared via social media. The project will have an impact on several levels: The participants will experience transnational and transcultural cooperation on the topic of an open Europe, leading to high quality artistic results with powerful messages. They will gain experiences and competencies, having learned how to articulate their wishes, visions, ideas and demands with artistic and medial means. The network of partner organisations will profit from the extension of their work on youth, arts and cultural diversity to the topic of open Europe, and through cooperation with the new Serbian partner. The public and the local communities of the participants will benefit from the project results shared online.
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